• StopBadBots is now pushing “spam” on the WordPress Dashboard. I already clicked several times “dismiss”, but those “spam” messages keep coming back. That’s kind of counterproductive for a plugin that tries to “punish” bad behavior of bots.

    In general, I recommend to rate any plugin with one star that tries to worm itself into a 5-star rating by clogging the WordPress Dashboard with banners.

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  • Plugin Author sminozzi


    Hi Michael,

    Of course, we respect dismiss but your browser needs to accept and keep cookies.
    Check if you have cookies enabled and if your browser is not set to erase cookies when close.
    Check also if you don’t have javascript errors on your page.
    For details:

    It is nice to request support before leaving one star. Please, change this rating.


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    This is not a cookie issue. I tried several times in different browsers with the default browser settings. The messages disappear for some time only to get on my nerves again a few days later. And even if I don’t want to accept cookies, I need to accept the StopBadBots banners?

    This is also not a support issue. Posting messages in the WordPress Dashboard should never be abused for marketing. Plugins should only post messages to notify users of serious issues but certainly not to beg for a 5-star rating. Thus, a 1-star rating is fully justified and highly recommended in such a case. We agree that bad behavior must be punished and stopped, right?

    Plugin Author sminozzi


    Well, a few days later is a different story.
    This is a free plugin. It is acceptable to show messages to users each “few days”. You can remove the messages with just one click. Not bad for a free plugin.
    By the way, we spend a lot of time and money to develop and maintain the plugin and update the big databases with more than 10.000 rows.
    Thanks a god a lot of people buy a premium version and we can keep this product live.

    We have 50+ plugins. If every plugin would show such BAD behavior I would be clicking all day. Besides, do you really believe annoying users with your banners is a wise longterm marketing strategy? I am doing IT marketing for 15 years and I tell you that this won’t work. All you do is damage your brand. You can post your banners in your own UI but certainly not on the WordPress Dashboard. I wish the WordPress team removed such plugins from their repository.

    Plugin Author sminozzi


    I got your message!
    Keep the balance between survival and keep the brand not damaged. It is not easy.
    When I go to google to make search, they put a lot of advertisements on the search page.
    When I go to Youtube, they put an advertisement in the middle of the videos I’m watching…
    When I watch open TV they put advertisements… Same thing the radio, Twitter, Facebook…

    I’m the weak part of this world, then I deserve one Star. I can accept it.

    It is life!

    The problem is not advertisement. I am earning my living with advertisement. However, you can only put ads on your own space/content or you pay for the ads. Your ads appear on every WordPress admin page and even on the UI of other plugins. Did you get the permission from WordPress or from the other plugin makers that you put your ads on their space? Imagine Google would do that. And if you complain they would retort that you have been using Google for free and to keep Google free they need to put their ads everywhere, even on your own website without paying for it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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