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  • I’m trying to think through how to put together a call center ticketing site. I’ve found a lot of things that are close to meeting my requirements, but nothing has hit the bullseye yet.

    I need my submission form to have same page conditional fields. As in, the user makes a selection, and based on that selection additional fields appear on the page. I also need the forms to be editable with a GUI, so that the end users can log in and make changes to the form options/fields. The plugin Formidable Pro accomplishes this quite well, it has the best interface I’ve seen for creating forms at least.

    However, I also need this site to create tickets that can be routed and managed. One group of users will create tickets through the form, then another will update them by assigning them to the appropriate team to fix the issue. The theme FaultPress by WooThemes seems to do this quite nicely, but the ticket form is so simplistic it’s painful.

    I can only play with FaultPress in the demo environment provided by WooThemes, and they have all of the documentation and support stuff on lockdown unless you own a theme. My thinking is maybe I can replace the simplistic FaultPress form with a form I build using Formidable. Maybe one of you WP guru developers could tell me how much pain would be involved in making that happen. Aside from messing with the ticket template in FaultPress to replace the form, I don’t really know what would be required. I assume some trickery would be necessary on the database side of things, as well as some modification on the ticket display pages to display all the additional fields. The forms I need to use are monsters,we’re talking about 40-50 different possible forms after you expand out all the conditionals, so maybe 4-500 total fields, of which 15-20 or so are completed per submission.

    Thoughts on what would need to be done to make these things work together? Ideas for a better solution all together? This is a big project for me, but I really want to come up with something that works well and can be implemented fairly quickly.

    Thanks 🙂

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