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  • good stuff
    how did you do the static pages?

    Moderator James Huff


    Here’s a tutorial on how to do static pages:

    Wow dude … that is off the hook.

    You must be a CSS bad dog … I can tell your using z-order and other things I’ve never touched.

    And not to stroke your ego, but that font you use for the titles is making me horny. (I just checked and that looks to be ‘Trebuchet MS’ … what a SEXY font, mmmmm …. )

    We have similiar taste in music too … I love iron and wine and mason jennings AND postal service.

    You probably like Cat Power too, i bet ?

    Ever heard of Camera Obscura ? Kitty Craft ? The Lucksmiths ?


    Yeah, z-order is a handly little css attribute.

    Never heard Cat Power, or Camera Obscura, or Kitty Craft, or The Lucksmiths….heh, but I will sure check em out!

    Have you heard Iron & Wine cover Such Great Heights??? It’s a beautiful thing…

    Thanks for the compliments, much appreciated!


    in the nightlies static pages are included already!

    I like the design. It offers a look at who the designer/owner is, his personality. I think that’s what a lot of blogs lack. The content may provide a hint of the person behind the words but the design is often non-telling, lacking in anything that’s unique to the owner. The look of your site made me want to find out more about you. Can’t ask for much more than that in my opinion.

    You are aware that the XHTML doesn’t validate, aren’t you?

    hmmm, it did before I added the search bar….doc type does not allow input here??? any ideas?


    all valid now!

    Plus I tweaked the style a bit, and added more to the left-hand column.

    Any more comments/criticisms?

    Thanks fellas…much love to the WP community.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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