• Some people are saying this plugin no longer works. That is not true.

    The plugin works fine and is still (as far as I know) the best ‘maintenance mode’ plugin for WordPress.

    In order to use it, install and activate.

    In the WP Admin Bar (the top bar that runs across the WP admin when you’re signed in) you’ll see a hammer with the word ‘disabled’ next to it.

    • Click the disabled word which will take you to the plugin settings page.
    • Adjust your copy and check the ‘enabled’ checkbox at the top of the settings page.
    • Then scroll to the bottom of the page and ‘Save Changes’.
    • Since you’re an admin in WP, YOU WILL NOT SEE THE MAINTENANCE PAGE!
    • If you want to review the maintenance page to confirm it’s working, either sign-out of WP and visit your home page OR open a different browser which doesn’t share the logged in state

    Hope this helps and many thanks to Lukas for creating an awesome and simple maintenance mode plugin for WP. This functionality should be core to WP!

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