• The setup process is not as straight-forward as the “FAQ” of the plugin instructs… Once under “Settings > Tabify Edit Screen”, you have to
    1) scroll all the way down (which can take a minute if you have a custom field packed theme)
    2) hit “create new tab”
    3) click on “choose title” to rename the tab (i.e: “SEO”)
    4) scroll up and down to pick the custom field of your choice (i.e: “SEO” field) and then position it where your newly created tab is;
    5) repeat all the above for each post type on your website (in my case: posts, pages, media, blocks, post types, *each* custom post type, taxonomies, templates, grid builder, field groups).

    Though the setup was a bit confusing and time consuming, I do believe I’ll have great use of this plugin, as I can make the UI of the edit pages more intuitive and fitting for how I want to navigate a WordPress website.

    My security plugins are sending me repeat warnings about this plugin as it has not been updated in 4 years which is indeed concerning from a code security point of view. As soon as the plugin gets a fresh update, I’ll give it a 5-star rating as it is what it deserves.

    EDIT: I see that the plugin is intentionally designed to maintain backward-compatibility with older versions of WordPress, so I guess this is why it has not been patched up to this day. I’m fine with that, so raising my review to 5-star.

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