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  • I know I have some issues going on but I like the color and look of it. The guestbook and shopping area is a bit less then I expected. Still need some help on those unfixed errors too.
    Anyway I am very new to WP here is the site I made.
    I hope there is some takers.

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  • I could say I have seen worse, but I can’t think of any.

    Something you can do in 5 minutes that will make the site a lot better: left-align your body text, increase line-height.

    Center alignment works for titles and headers, sometimes. You never want to have blocks of text center-aligned, though, because it’s harder to read (lines don’t start in the same place, so you have to track for their beginnings).

    Increasing the amount of white space between lines of text also increases readability.

    Lose the frames. Ditto what SC said about centering text. It makes the site appear (more) amateurish.

    I like the star touches on the main titles and sidebar headings. The tiled background clashes with the rest of the site design. I’d bump down the colors a bit, they are somewhat seizure-inducing, almost neon in quality.

    Also, the site would look more polished without those GIFs on each page. 🙂

    Once you ditch the frameset, run the site through an HTML and CSS validator, it should shake out some nits.

    <rant>And why oh why is it when someone does just ONE web site they think they are a web designer without a modicum of knowledge about CSS, HTML, design theory, browser compatibility, readability…. </rant>

    Google and you’ll find some great sites about CSS, accessibility, etc. Start here, always great articles to be found:

    Here too:

    And this .. join his list, it’s invaluable (same guy runs the list that owns maxdesign):

    So just center the text on the opening page? and margain left on the rest? Okay. and jonimueller what are you ranting about? And what frames are you talking about?
    But thank you for checking it out. I hope I get more when I bump this thread.

    ALL text should be left aligned, including on the opening page. the animated gifs are a big flashing sign that says ‘amature!!’

    its too bad really, those food items are adorable, my 3 year old niece would LOVE them. but i would never buy anything from a site like that.

    Hey I like that animated gif.

    links on your STUFF page goto a blank pink page that is offsite

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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