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  • Hi.

    Ok, so I had to re-open this post as updating the database via Woocommerce didn’t really solve the problem (at firstI thought that it did). Here’s my problem again:

    So I’m having this issue with me new store being a bit slow… Few days ago it became sooo slow I was even thinking about doing afresh installation. However then after intense thinking I figured that the website probably became so terribly slow after I messed with the code a bit. Here’s what happened:
    My products have more than 100 different attribute variations, however Woocommerce can create only 50 attribute variation in one go. As a result I have to select “Create variations from all attributes) multiple times. Yes, that’s not a problem in doing so, however….. I (not being too smart obviously) figured that it would be cool if WP would create more that 100 attribute variation at once. So I found a post saying that I should change ‘WC_MAX_LINKED_VARIATIONS’, 49 (in wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-ajax.php) to whatever number I like so I changed it to ‘WC_MAX_LINKED_VARIATIONS’, 200
    Soon after doing that I noticed that my store became very very slow. Didn’t know at first why this happened because I could relate the ‘WC_MAX_LINKED_VARIATIONS’, 200 to the store becoming so slow. Later when trying to find a solution I opened class-wc-ajax.php again and changed ‘WC_MAX_LINKED_VARIATIONS’, back to 49
    To my surprise this helped and my store was more or less back on track! That was a relief.
    Now, the store seems to work much better that it did before changing ‘WC_MAX_LINKED_VARIATIONS’, back to 49, however it is still lags sometimes and I know for sure it doesn’t work as fast as it should. If you would navigate through menu and products you’ll notice that. I know that it’s not servers fault because I have other webstore being developed on the same server on the same Version of WP and Woocommerce as well as the same template. This particular project has even more products and variations that but it still runs very smooth. I also have OC installation running on the same server.
    While building I carefully select the plug-ins I use and I don’t like overusing them so I’m it’s not the plug-ins that slow the website down.

    My question: maybe you guy know what could be the problem with being so slow?

    Damn, that’s a long post. Sorry for that 🙂

    Looking forward to your opinions.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    WC_MAX_LINKED_VARIATIONS has no performance impact when increased. It’s used only during variation generation, nowhere else.

    Having many variations per product can be a problem. In general, if you need more than 50 you will experience a slow down. Is there anyway to restructure the product to avoid this?

    Hi Mike.

    Thank you for your response. As most products have three types of models included in variations – womens, men and kids – I coul in theory create three different products and assign color and size to each of them. In such case there would be less attribute variations but still I don’t find this convenient…
    This really bothers me as earlier I had a store base on OpenCart + Related Options plug-in which worked really well for such amount of variations.

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