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    Hi. I’ve read old forum posts and documentation on the difference between draft status vs. private visibility of pages (not asking about posts), yet I’m still not clear as to which would be best in my scenario:

    1. I’ve downloaded a theme with around one hundred sample pages, which were automatically published when I installed the theme.
    2. I’ve chosen to customize, for example, one home page of five samples, and I would like to hide from everyone but me as administrator the remaining four sample pages.
    3. I don’t want to trash all the unused samples in case in future I would like to redesign my site.

    ***Should I use “draft” or “private” on all unused pages so that no one else can view them? (I’m trying to avoid a cumbersome process such as copying the code from every single unused sample page into a word processing document to save for later, and then trashing all these unused pages.)

    Thanks, folks.

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  • Robin W


    If only you can log in – ie you are the only registered user, then it really doesn’t matter.

    No reason why you shouldn’t trash them, they’ll just sit in trash unless you permanently delete them – that’s what i’d do so that they don’t clutter you website.



    Thanks, Robin W. I’ve trashed all the sample pages. Yes, much less clutter. I’m still curious about the draft vs. private status, though, for if there’s some page I think I might want to use soon and therefore want to leave in All Pages viewer. Appreciate your earlier reply.

    Robin W


    Draft= an unpublished page or post. It is visible to all levels of authorised users.

    Private = it is only visible to authorised users with editor or admin permissions.

    How you use these is up to you, but an example might be say if you had multiple author users writing articles.

    An author could make a new post and decide if they wished other authors to see it whilst he/she drafted, so they would have it as draft, but also private. Or they could have it as draft and public to get help from other authors.

    Once happy with it, they could set it to pending review, but leave it as private to let an editor have a look.

    The editor could then set it to publish, but leave it as private to let the author know it’s been approved, and then the author can decide when to take it public.

    Just one example, but don’t get hung up on how you use these flags if they’re not important to the way you’re running the site.



    A fine, detailed explanation. Thank you so much, Robin.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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