• I have been trying out the free version of the plugin. I have run into some issues of my own, as well as browsing other people’s issues in the support forum here. I have no idea if the authors have been resolving issues, a criteria I’d find important when considering getting the premium version because all the posts are answered with ‘visit our forums’. But, none of the links to forums the authors post even seem to work.

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  • Plugin Author Spencer Hill


    Hi @torndownunits,

    I apologize for the broken links. We’ve developed, and are in the process of building out, a new site and a new company but are still re-pointing all the links to the new site: https://www.WPPluginCo.com

    The Plugin is still supported and we actually just released an update (though I think it was to the free version).

    The forums are now located at https://www.wppluginco.com/forums


    Thanks for the update. And yes, the plugin has been updated since I posted this. I will give the new update to the free version a test to see if I still have some of the issues I had. Doe it still save all products as Grouped products? That was one major issue.

    The premium plugin download is completely broken. The .zip archive is broken and will not open or upload.


    The demo link is also broken ?

    Please help, I am also interested to purchase this plugin.

    Thank you.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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