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  • Hi,

    is there still support for this plugin? It would be amazing, as it is the only plugin i have found so far supporting batches.
    However when i place an order the batch quantity is not reducing.

    Could you please help!
    This would be so great!

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  • Hi Thomas,

    I personally didn’t get a respons, even when I wanted to donate something ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, did you try to put your order on ‘Completed’? Only then the batch is reducted (in my case).

    If you use a PDF invoice plugin, in my case only when put the order on ‘Completed’, the batch is put on the invoice.

    With my setup the plugin works perfectly.

    If you use it and get an email from WordPress regarding technical problems with your website caused by this plugin, it is because the lowest product on your batch list isn’t linked to a product anymore. If you link it again it works again.

    Greetings Sander, a happy user

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    Hi Sander,

    thanks for your help. It worked for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

    One follow up question: do you have variable products as well. I have two different sizes of the same product, which are from the same batch. But i have to link the batch to each size instead of the product in general. Do you have a solution for this as well?

    If not, don’t worry, you’ve helped a lot!
    Greetings, Tom

    Hi Tom,


    I have the same, one product in multiple variations. It’s an organic food product. I give every variation a different batch because they are also available in different quantities. I’m happy this is possible.

    In ‘Batch Notes’ (on the plugin screen in the dashboard) I put the name and variation of the product because in ‘Linked Product’ I see the variation but not the name of the product. This ‘Batch Note’ is for my own use.

    If I get new supply I give that shipment a number and use the same number in ‘Batch Priority’. Then I know new product are going out later then old products.

    In the ‘Batch Name’ I put the batch code but also the end date so it will look like in my case: ES1927P/18-tht11/2020. The ’18’ is in my case the number of the shipment (3.) for traceability.

    This ES1927P/18-tht11/2020 is also on a little sticker I put on my product.

    So if someone has a problem, they send me this number and then it is easy for me to see of which shipment this proplematic product was part of.

    With help of this plugin it is very easy to have a list with email adresses of people who had bought this product to get in contact with.

    This is at least how I do it.

    If you have more questions it’s ok because I know how important this plugin can be ๐Ÿ™‚


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    Hi Sander,

    i can’t thank you enough. This plugin is just awesome for my purpose.
    Did you also figure out how not to show the batch number in the email or invoice?
    I just want to add the batch with a sticker on the product and track it without the customer seeing it ๐Ÿ™‚

    But you’ve helped a lot!
    Thanks, Tom

    ๐Ÿ˜€ how nรณt to show, that’s interesting. I guess this is something I don’t know sorry. I tried my best to show on invoice because with organic goods this is needed by law.

    Good luck!


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