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  • Hi, here’s my site:

    I’ve got the wp_register and wp_loginout in my footer template, and ‘Anyone can register’ checked in Options>General. But it’s still showing ‘Register’ and ‘Login’ and not tracking your login to the Comments form. Any clue why that would happen? I thought it might be caching but I cleared caches and switched browsers and it’s still doing it. Thanks!!

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  • Are you seeing this if you’re logged in as admin? If so, you maybe need to check your cookie settings in browsers….

    Yeah it’s still showing those links even though I justed deleted caches and Logged in again as admin. Anything I could be doing wrong in the Options?

    If you have the login and register links in the theme, they will always show up.

    If they are written as static html fo course, but i dunno if this is the case, i cant understand the problem.

    This is the code in my Footer template:
    <?php wp_register(' | ',' | '); ?><?php wp_loginout(); ?>

    This is the code in my Footer template:
    <?php wp_register(' | ',' | '); ?><?php wp_loginout(); ?>

    It is still showing “Register | Login” even after I’m logged in. Also the Comment form is still showing when I log in (supposed to show “Logged in as…” correct?)

    Okay, to add a wrinkle to this problem…

    WordPress does appear to know that a user is logged in, it just doesn’t show the alternate comment form (“Logged in as…”). The result is that no matter what you put in the Name field, the comment gets posted to your user name. Any ideas? is this
    <?php if ( $user_ID ) : ?>
    somehow returning false?

    Okay I was never able to get this figured out, but now I have a follow-up question: My site is at, but (for some reason I can’t remember) WordPress is installed at Could that cause the problem I described above? On other sites where I have WP installed on the same domain as the content is viewed on (like, it seems to work properly. So I think that’s the answer.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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