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  • Here’s my issue:

    I don’t want home being displayed on every parent page so “place the home breadcrumb in the trail” is not checked.

    The site contains the following parent pages: Home, About, Portfolio, Blog, Contact

    About, Portfolio, Blog and Contact all show the correct name/breadcrumb. This is working perfectly.

    I do however want “Home” to be displayed as an indicator to the user when they are in fact on the home page.

    Any help in accomplishing this?


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  • Plugin Author John Havlik


    Normally, you wouldn’t exclude the home breadcrumb on some pages but not others. While the option exists to not include the home breadcrumb, it really is in poor form to exclude the home breadcrumb.

    The simplest way to accomplish what you are trying to do is to manually output the Home breadcrumb markup on the frontpage in lieu of the call to bcn_display().

    An alternative way, which may be slightly more elegant, is to write a hook into the bcn_after_fill option. Have this hook remove the home breadcrumb only when not on the front page (test for !is_front_page(), or just don’t remove anything if there is only one element in the breadcrumbs array in the bcn_breadcrumb_trail object passed into your action). The home breadcrumb should be the last entry in the bcn_breadcrumb_trail::breadcrumbs array passed into your action. Place this code in a site specific plugin, and make sure that you are not disabling the display of the home breadcrumb in the settings page (as you have code that is doing it selectively for you).

    Hey! I think this is what I want to help with too. Because it’s about “home” not showing on the first page? But should you have “Home” on the homepage as well? It does not so many pages have? 🙂

    As example:

    That has:
    Support » Plugin: Breadcrumb NavXT » Still show “Home” when on Home page

    But nothing on:

    Support Forums

    ? 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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