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  • I’ve got the same problem on my site.

    The form content is send, but the frontend doesn’t make notice of it and shows the spinning arrow all the time.

    Same here. It happens often and its really annoying. Please can somebody help? Thanks

    This is a javascript error most probably due to a conflict between plugins/theme. Try deactivating all other plugins and switching to the default theme.

    Useful tools:
    Firebug — Firefox extension. Good for Javascript debugging.

    I tried, but i cant deactivate all plugins because of that. isnt there another solution? Thank you

    Deactivating all other plugins and switching to the default theme will let you find where the problem is occurring.

    Switching to the default theme will show if the conflict is in the theme you are using. You could then either change theme or deal with the issue in the theme. Theme authors that have a conflict with a major plugin like Contact Form 7 will generally be willing to look into it and fix it. If not you should probably reconsider using that theme.

    After switching off all plugins (other than CF7) and confirming that CF7 javascript works, you can then switch on plugins one by one to find the culprit. When you find it you have the same options as with the theme.

    Unfortunately can’t offer more detailed advice as these conflicts are highly specific to each WordPress install – depends on theme and other plugins used. Can be difficult to find real culprit.

    Switching off the PlugIns and theme is not really an option because its the site of a travel agency. they need it the way it is. I’ll try it maybe on mamp first.
    thanks anyway

    In my case this is conflict between W3 Total Cache and CF7.
    I remove W3 Total Cache footer information and CF7 work good now.

    That was my problem too in the first place but now, after removing and working fine for a fews days, problem is back! So it isnt the W3 Total Cache!

    Right, after a bit of activating and deactivating plugins my contact form has resumed normal service.
    A plugin called ‘WordPress Praiser’ was conflicting with Contact Form 7.

    If you need to keep all of your other plugins enabled then I suggest using another contact form plugin such as ‘Contact Form’ or ‘Fast Secure Contact Form’. They all operate slightly differently but ultimately do the same job.

    @super Stas, I deactivated W3 Total Cache, and the problem is gone. But I still need W3 Total Cache… How do you remove the footer information?
    Thanks for your help!

    I’ve been using this form for a long time. Only had an issue since updating to WordPress 3.5.1 I don’t use W3 Total Cache or Google Analytics.. I turned off all plugins and form still just spins and spins.. forms are being sent but sender has no idea.
    Anyone else find a fix? Much appreciate a look…

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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