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  • A while back I post this ( and despite a lot of people posting, I still was unable to fix my problem. Thought I would try one more time….does anyone else have any suggestions??

    From original post:
    I’m trying to setup WP to build a corporate blog for our office. The server that WP is running on doesn’t have MySQL installed on it due to security reasons. The MySQL DB that I need to connect to is on another server. I filled out all the DB information in the wp-config.php file and I still receive the “Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for WordPress.” error. I Googled the error a few times and searched here and still haven’t been able to correct this problem. Can anyone lend some insight? Thanks!

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  • The issue you are having is that your PHP installation doesn’t have the MySQL extention necessary to allow PHP to talk to the DB server.

    This is a server config issue and not a WP issue. If you are running your website on a Redhat based Linux machine, for example, you will need to install the php-mysql RPM package to get the necessary extensions.

    So, what is your server config? Who is administering it? If you can get to them, ask them to install the MySQL extentions to PHP.


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