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  • for sure a nice start and i like that rich snippet content is not integrated in post text
    on the contrary there are just few categories and few fields so it can’t be used on many websites
    when i suggested a reasonable improvement (adding LocalBusiness rather than having Organization) they asked for donation in order to consider it, then added that they “are not actively working to add this feature” so i will reconsider using it in next releases

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    Oh, common my friend. This is a volunteer plugin and not our full time project.

    On the other hand, we had taken your suggestion very positively and gave you few options so we could work on it –

    1. Either you donate whatever you feel; just to support the development and get this feature done OR
    2. Have enough people request for this feature

    Anyhow – we would surely work soon on this feature and get in touch with an update.

    Best luck!


    c’mon my friend, if you admit that is just a volunteer work should i say that is perfect this way? don’t take it so bad 🙂 and you know that i just wrote genuine and honest report about what you replied in support..

    best regards

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    Though.. my friend – your review isn’t helpful to ANYONE at all.

    You have posted a feedback for something that plugin DOESN’T offer as it’s part nor it claims it as does. How can there be a feedback for something that it doesn’t provide?

    Now, would you go to free WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin and request them to extend the plugin to add new features; may be rich snippets – and if they don’t guarantee when this new feature can be added, would you post a negative feedback as well?

    Please let me know.

    On the other more important note – this is an open source project my friend. You have no restrictions to extend the features you feel are reasonable yourself. May be you could code and submit your contribution in the plugin as well?

    P.S – You would like to use Local SEO plugin by Yoast as it provides exactly what you are looking for (except it’s not free)

    read again my review and tell me from where you can say it’s a negative feedback! 2 stars mean “it works” and what i wrote is clear and true so i think that someone will find it useful.. it’s my opinion so just try to respect it
    it seems like you want just comments saying “man you are the best, your work is great!” while you admitted that “This is a volunteer plugin and not our full time project” so what’s wrong if i write that it still needs to be emproved?

    wp seo by yoast does a different thing and their local seo is not good for what i need.. anyway, there are other free solutions that i’m using to add rich snippet content on my website and as well if i find a premium plugin that fits my needs, i buy it

    your plugin is called “All In One Rich Snippets”, i think you know what all-in-one means, so if i can’t use it since it’s not really all-in-one where’s the problem?

    being online means accept both congratulations and criticism, but you are reacting like if i had written lies! many programmers became famous offering good quality code just exploring market needs! money will follow

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    So – with a reference to your message part –

    “if i find a premium plugin that fits my needs, i buy it”

    Could you elaborate what kind of plugin would fit your need? And how much would you buy it for?

    Let’s see how reasonable and worth your enhancement request is.

    i’m not your business advisor if you’re asking me a selling price for your plugin, just take a look around between other premium plugins and decide..

    you can find the actual structure of rich snippet. you said you chose main/parent categories, but thinking about websites content for instance these schema are very important in my opinion (considering even business, dance, festival, music, sport, food ones) (that’s more a place sub-cat rather than an organization sub-cat)

    but there could be other relevant schema like something for music band, tv shows, etc.

    and being able to use relevant fields.. for instance in your organization rich snippet you can’t add description!

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    Good suggestions ieio. Why don’t you start developing a plugin with those category support?

    don’t worry, i already have my alternative solution! you asked so those suggestions were only for you

    @ieio – what did you end up using for this?

    Good plugin here by the way. Bad form though…nobody should have gotten upset over this. Not on either side.

    You both are wrong.


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