• Andrea Whitmer


    I’ve spent over a year trying to accept Lifter’s flaws and make it work for my needs, simply because I have literally tried every available LMS plugin and I was tired of waiting to launch my courses. The 3.0 update was the final straw for me – learning that the pricing model had changed yet again (the third pricing model since I started using it) and that PayPal was now a paid addon was more than I was willing to put up with.

    The plugin is buggy and development has stalled as the team focuses on themes instead of ironing out the core issues. The bloat has increased tremendously over time and it just doesn’t do anything particularly well.

    The LMS space is a total disaster in general, and LifterLMS is just one more dumpster fire to add to the collection. I don’t know if elearning is something I’ll even pursue for my business at this point despite an eager audience – it’s just too hard to find something that works well and isn’t still trying to decide what it wants to be when it grows up.

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  • Unfortunately I think you are 100% spot on. This release is an utter disaster, nothing works right, nothing makes sense.

    You are so right Andrea. I spent all evening re-saving lessons, as they for some reason defaulted to “free” and courses that all one of a sudden had an end date 01/01/1970 only to learn that paypal is not there anymore. I guess, it is time to move on.

    I have been considering LMS for my business only for a week now, and have already tried all the much overrated plugins out there. Your comment is a good warning not to bother with this one either and maybe reconsider this LMS option as well. Maybe the only solution is the good old Moodle installed on a subsite.

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