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  • Hey all. Over the past week I’ve had literally hundreds of users registering under ridiculous email addresses like ‘’ or today, the best ones so far today were and… anyway, I perused the forums and found the post about reCaptcha, did that, and now I’ve still got 75 more spam registrations today! It’s almost like they’re giving me the bird and hitting me harder. How does this even happen? It literally happened overnight. I woke up one morning with 126 new registered users and only 4 of them were legitimate. Now what do I do? Any help would be so appreciated.

    I don’t know if you need it or not but the website address is Thanks in advance!

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    same problem here. i have wordpress 3.1.1 ive installed registration plus redux plugin so i could gather some extra information about users. also lock it down so all users need to be validated by an administrator. i thought that would be enough. i then install recaptcha and configure but sill get spam user in the unverified users menu. i thought recaptcha was supposed to stop this ?

    i do run mingle forum but from what i understand it uses wordpress registration?


    This just started happening to me in the last week as well.

    Looks like reCAPTCHA has been around long enough for spammers to finally figure out how to spoof it.

    Thanks, Bryan

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