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  • I’m still getting the hang of things, especially CSS. My site is and is pretty much what the URL implies: places, things, services, golf courses, music/movies. I will have features outside WP for travelogues such as my trip to Italy and Austria last month, but I need to get the core site spiffy first.
    I intend to eventually have advertising, with an AdSense campaign on the main page and affiliate links in specific posts (such as writing about a DVD). But there’s not much point in having advertising until I can get enough content to draw a readership base!

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  • Welcome to the club. I hadn’t heard of the iping service before, interesting.
    Good luck on building a readership. It can be a difficult thing to do sometimes, depending on what kind of numbers you’re aiming for.

    Thanks! From a couple of successful case studies of people I know tangentially, 3500 loyal readers in one year would be a tremendous amount. I was thrilled that I had 15 hits today from other WP users – I had expected maybe three.

    You might to change your footer bg color as it’s greeny and rest of your site is blue (blue theme).
    Regards, MaxT

    Doh!! I didn’t catch that the credit bar is not part of the body. Thanks!

    My pleasure 😀

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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