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  • I’ve had this problem since 2.x something and it still hasn’t been resolved. I’ve tried the solution in this thread to replace the simple apostrophe with a different one, but now I’m getting \\\’ instead.

    Does anyone else have an explanation/solution to this problem? I’ve seen other reports of it being attributed to certain plugins, but I’m not using those (buddypress). I don’t remember adding any new plugins, it happened after updating WP at some point.

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  • Now do this carefully, as we dont need any plugin to convert Ascii code (&#039) to ‘(single quote).

    Go to phpmyadmin—>go to WordPress Database—>click on the browse of option table and check the 2nd option of blog name. You will see your blogname written as Sam’s blog instead of sam’s blog. Change that to Sam’s blog and click go on the right bottom.You are done with the all outgoing and incoming mails.

    Any problems doing then contact me on

    Not quite sure I understand your instructions (I don’t even have access to phpmyadmin, my friend hosts my blog).

    I remembered that I have wpuntexturize installed and deactivated it, no change.


    Dont do anything with the front end. Just contact your hosting frnd and ask him to follow this instructions. Everything will be solved.

    Let me know if anything else i could do for you.

    It’s still doing the \\\’ thing after he changed it.

    Please refer this image and you will see ‘ in the name. edit it in the phpmyadmin.

    That’s what he did, no change.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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