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    I deactivated all plug-ins as instructed, and still got the “Warning: If you can still read these words after the page finishes loading, then there is a JavaScript or jQuery problem in the site.”

    It worked fine on another WordPress hosted site.

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  • Plugin Author David Anderson



    If you look at your web developer console (usually Control-Shift-J) then it may give you a clue as to what component of your WP install is causing the problem. Plugins are just one possibility.

    Another: use the “View Source” in your web browser, and scroll to the bottom of the source. Is there an error message there? If not, change the WP_DEBUG setting in your wp-config.php to true and try the same again.





    sorry to jump in, we are having same issue and the only way to correct it is by using the following

    #<IfModule mod_headers.c>
    # Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin “*”

    however this opens a backdoor for hackers

    what did you change in last update


    I’ve been suffering this issue on a fairly regular basis for a few months (i.e. prior to release of 1.9.0). I’ve concluded it might be linked to an environmental issue – it doesn’t always fail so might is dependent on some other factor as well. See below for more info.

    On around 50% of occasions , the ‘Settings’, ‘UpdraftPlus Backups’ page fails to load and the message ‘Warning: If you can still read these words after the pages finishes loading…..’ continues to be visible. Normally when the warning message continues to be visible, the page looks fine (as far as I can tell) except the ‘Save changes’ button at the bottom is not displayed. On the occasions it fails, then if left long enough, the page will time out.

    I checked out the following:
    1) I’m on the latest version of WP (3.8.1) and UpdraftPlus (1.9.0).
    2) Updraft Plus is the only active plugin.
    3) Active theme is Twenty Eleven.
    4) The Updraft Plus settings page is the only page I have any issue with, all other pages in WP display without issue.
    5) The WordPress area is not in the root of the website and the main website (static pages) which is live always has a good response time i.e. the server is performing acceptably well even when Updraft is ‘timing out’.
    6) The WP website I am working on has yet to go live so I am able to make major changes fairly easily, the site is very small (6 pages no posts or comments) and I am the only visitor.
    7) When the page fails, there’s nothing in the javascript error console.
    8) I’ve checked on 3 or 4 occasions when the page fails and the ‘view page source’ shows an empty page (in Chrome and Firefox).
    9) I’m on a shared host so don’t know what else is going on elsewhere on the server.

    I’ve done a number of tests to see if I can determine any pattern in when the page load fails. At one point it looked like it might be tied to which page you were on prior to loading the Updraft settings page but that theory crashed (and burned). See test results below.

    When a page failed, I left it for at least 20 seconds, sometimes a lot longer before concluding it wouldn’t complete.

    Previous page Result
    Dashboard Succeeded
    Dashboard Failed
    All Posts Succeeded (took approx 10 seconds for message to disappear)
    Dashboard Failed
    Dashboard Failed
    Appearance /themes Failed
    All posts Succeeded
    Dashboard Failed
    Pages Succeeded
    Posts Succeeded
    Installed plugins Failed
    Posts Succeeded
    Comments Failed
    Dashboard Succeeded
    Settings General Succeeded
    Dashboard Failed
    Tools Failed
    Dashboard Failed
    Posts Failed
    Pages Failed
    Dashboard Failed
    Settings/Reading Failed
    Pages Succeeded (took a few seconds for message to disappear)
    Posts Succeeded (took a few seconds for message to disappear)
    Dashboard Succeeded
    Dashboard Succeeded
    Tools Succeeded
    Dashboard Succeeded

    But then the run of success at the end implied maybe it’s an ‘environmental’ factor – something else on the machine.

    Would these symptoms point to anything in particular that I can try to check?



    Plugin Author David Anderson



    My first guess based on all that you’ve said is that your webserver is not entirely reliable. I’d use something like Wireshark to investigate what’s happening at the level of network traffic.


    Ok will do. I’ve just undertaken another round of tests and after 30 loads of the Updraft settings page it has worked every time (best it’s ever been)! So whatever it is it’s intermittent. I will have a look with Wireshark and post back when I have some info.

    Thanks for the thought.


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