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    Website url is:

    I installed the plugin recently to temporarily disable the home page while changing themes and doing other back-end maintenance. It worked very well for that purpose.

    The problem is, now that all the maintenance is done and I DISABLED and DELETED the plugin from WP, the splash screen comes up on the home page!

    I have had other people randomly load the home page on their own computers and devices. It still shows the splash screen on the home page. It is not localized to my devices or PC’s.

    Pages off the home page can be accessed directly, and navigation around the site using site menus is fluid and robust everywhere EXCEPT when attempting to access the home page.

    I have purged all caches in all browsers on all devices. Example: if I load the home page in Chrome I get the splash screen. After I clear page cache and reloads page (Ctrl-F5) I can then load the home page, but only one time. If I close the browser and open a new window and load the url — BAMM! It still calls up the old splash screen EVEN THOUGH THE PLUGIN HAS BEEN DELETED!

    I have also “purged all caches” in WordPress using the W3 Cache plugin.

    Am I going to have to rebuild an entire new site from scratch now because the ghost of the Disable Site plugin is haunting my current site’s home page? Please tell me you can help me fix this problem.

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  • Never mind. Fixed my problem tonight.

    FTP’d the domain server, deleted the contents of /cache

    Then flushed the cache in the WP Admin (using W3 Cache plugin)

    Had to also clear cache directories locally, and all browsers on all devices.

    After that I could hit the home page from my site using a direct link and via Google search engine links.

    The Disable Site plugin works as advertised. The developer states it has not been tested with the current ver of WordPress. The only problem I had using it was after I turned it off and deleted the plugin. Itt didn’t want to “let go” of my Home page! Purging the cache on the domain server is what fixed this problem.

    I would use Disable Site again now that I know what to look for. If the developer decides to test and certify the app for the current version of WordPress, it will be worth it to donate to the cause of keeping it there. It does the job as it is, though I found it a little buggy at the end.

    I’m calling it a “fix” at this stretch. Good night!

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