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  • I just don’t even know what to say anymore. I do understand that there may be another plugin that could be causing some issue, but everything else works fine with Version 1.9.13. So until i find another plugin i like better, I guess that I and others are doomed to try the endless revisions of FIX, FIX, FIX listed in each release, until finally it is truly fixed or we move on.

    Thanks for all the good times.

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  • Me too. I just installed the plugin and created a gallery, and my website doesn’t load anymore. Blank blue screen comes up, and that’s it. Fortunately, the admin login in still works. So I deleted the Post that had the Gallery in it, and now the website works again.

    I know the “help” info says we’re supposed to try fixing this by disabling all our other plugins and seeing if Gallery works then, and then reactivate all plugins one by one, etc. etc. That’s just too huge a headache.
    I appreciate the complexity of the WP (& Genesis) environment and the difficulty of making a powerful plugin work in that environment, but we just don’t have time to go through all those hoops to (possibly) make the Gallery work.
    Sadly deactivating it.

    Yep, I will just work with the plugins that can find the time to play well with each other and use them. I don’t have time to troubleshoot someone else’s code for them, its why i use plugins in the first place.

    @ernietamminga – NGG 2.0.40 works fine on the latest beta of WP 3.8 and Genesis 2.0.X. What you describe as “too huge a headache” is standard debugging practice in WP. You should be able to safely deactivate and reactivate plugins without losing settings, and the bulk options in WP make doing this task on several plugins easy. Here are some tips to make it easier.

    1) Don’t deactivate all of your plugins at one time. Instead, do 1/2. If you problem persists, you know the incompatibility is with the half that you did not deactivate.

    2) Skip plugins that are not likely culprits. For a plugin like NGG, likely culprits will include plugins that make heavy use of Javascript or that are feature-rich. Simple plugins that focus on doing 1 thing are typically not the source of incompatibilities. If you skip some plugins and don’t find the source of the problem, you’ll have to go back and check those.

    3) Know your basic server config details. NGG might work fine with your plugins on my server, but it might not work on yours because of things like too little memory. NGG is a powerful plugin, and powerful plugins consume resources. If you have a lot of big plugins on your site, you may not have enough resources to make them all happy. That’s not the fault of NGG.

    With those suggestions, you can usually narrow down the source of a problem very quickly.

    @studiobytes – Every update runs the risk of introducing incompatibilities. That’s true of NGG and every other plugin on your installation. If you’re not comfortable with trying to debug problems, you always have the option of not upgrading. That’s just kicking the can down the road, because at some point the updates to WP might make old plugin versions obsolete, and that might force you to confront a bunch of upgrades all at once. It’s part of the fun of administering your WP install on your own.

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