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  • Hello:
    I’m trying to solve a little mystery here. I’ve tested out having my site viewed in Netscape 7.2 on the Mac side. The header and footer appeared fine, but no content or sidebar could be viewed.

    I’m modifying my site that’s based around the Landzilla From The Swamp code, and I’m getting a good news/bad news scenario.

    The good news is that I’m now able to view the site fully in Netscape. Everything looks correct. Same with Firefox and Safari, at least on the Mac side.

    The bad news: I’ve had to remove the </div> tag between the end “get_sidebar” and “get_footer” codes from the index.php, single.php, and page.php files. Because of this, I get a validation error for each page. For example, the index.php file is looking for a closing </div> for <div id=”page”>. Putting the </div> tag in various places tends to produce different results per browser.

    In Netscape 7.x, for instance, putting the </div> tag between the end “get_sidebar” and “get_footer” php codes will effectively hide both the content and the sidebar. Putting </div> before the two codes will shorten the footer. Putting after the “get_footer” code would place it after the </html> tag as a whole.

    I’d rather have all of the pages validated, but at the same time I have a need to ensure it works with the aforementioned browsers. So any suggestions on how to go about it would be appreciated. Thanks!


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