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    I’ve just installed your plugin for WP “Sticky Side Buttons”, created 4 buttons so far with all the customized details, saved them all. Customized the “General Settings” too, but can’t get buttons to show up on my site for some reason !?
    I’m suspecting it’s the Z-INDEX option that’s stumping me actually.. I’ve never seen or used this kind of feature so wondering what is a proper setting to try on my website ???

    Here’s the link to my site for you to look at:

    I need to make some presentations to a client later today, so if you can respond immediately I’d be most pleased and grateful for your help !! 🙏

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  • Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Yep, Z index is the common reason why you may not be seeing your buttons… the buttons are there, just hidden layered behind other elements.

    Looking at your site – – I can see your theme includes a lot of layering, sliders and so on. This is very common with page builders and complex multipurpose themes – To achieve that the theme is specifying a high z index on various elements and forcing it with !important attribute in css. *tsk tsk

    Don’t worry though, we can override it with the following css:

    #ssb-container {
        z-index: 9999 !important;

    So here, you can see we are specifying a very high z-index of our own, and we’re forcing it to override everything else with !important.

    This will resolve the issue on your site.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Oh also, here’s a guide to where you can add this css:



    Hello Maeve, thank you kindly for your great help with this !!
    So it did solve the problem so the sticky buttons are visible now. However upon surfing my site, I noticed that it all works perfect in Chrome, but in Safari, 2 pages that have sections that should be “centred”, but are actually now being forced “flush left” of pages !? According to your formula, I tried making the z-index number even greater to 20000, but it still doesn’t fix it, please help… blessings, Angel 🙏😊

    Here’s the affected pages:
    Testimonials on homepage should be centred (Safari) :

    Photography Galleries on Photography page should be centred (Safari) this is embedded from my photography website by the way (and it worked fine before adding buttons) :

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