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  • jazzcomputer


    I’d really love some advice on whether this is fixable through CSS or if it’s just something that’s needing fixed on a forthcoming plugin update. I’ve contacted Elementor and they told me to post here.

    My problem is that I want to use the Popbox to display some content and then I want a close button in there that sticks to the top as you scroll down through the Popbox modal.

    If I apply a sticky scroll effect to my close button it aligns to the left instead of the right where I placed it in the Popbox Elementor widget

    If I inspect the page there’s some variables that if changed, will fix the problem. The fix is to change ‘Position’ to relative (or uncheck it) and ‘Top’ to 0. If I do that in the inspector, everything behaves properly with the positioning.

    I’m not sure if there’s any way to change those elements / styles on the pop box from within Elementor – I made several attempts using CSS or the HTML widget but all in vain.

    Any help much appreciated – would love a fix for this as it’s the one thing that’s stalling the construction of my portfolio site.

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