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  • I am quite a novice at this so please if anyone has any help for me it has to relatively simple.

    I have a site; where I discuss football. I have to put in some advertising and I would like one of the spots to be in my order of posts; preferably the 2nd or maybe the 3rd spot down. My problem is that I found a plug-in called SM Sticky Clicky Star where I place an ad permanently at the #1 position in my order of posts but I cannot move it down to 2nd or 3rd nor can I find another which would do the job that I need.

    I see plenty of other sites with their ads in 2nd or 3rd in the order and I have asked about it but the answers that I get are way over my head in coding. I am just not going to be about to write code to do that kind of stuff…I’m just not!

    But there must be a plug-in or some relatively simple simple way to do what I need. If nothing else I CAN< follow directions.



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