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Sticky Post or different page

  • Newby Alert. I’m trying hard though… I wanted my About page to show up when loading the main page, with links or lists to show the articles in the static sidebars. (Kind of an introduction) I succeeded in that, but now both of the tabs on my template show the About Page and I prefer to add tabs for additional pages. Would it be better, or is there a way to create a sticky post for the about page so it begins each post? I’m using Ambient Glo template if that matters.
    Thanks for any help, I’m used to blogger where I had a Layout Panel where I could just add, delete, create or drag elements and I haven’t been able to accomplish that system yet with WP, if it’s possible. I found where I could drag a few items in or out of the layout, but not real versatile, and it doesn’t show the default template elements.

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  • Ok, I need serious help with this… I read in another post to NOT use pages or Pages. So, I deleted the page I had created for a welcome sticky or separate welcome page, reposted it as a post, but it doesn’t show up when I view on the web. Whenever I see a Publish button, I use it, but often I do not. This just seems terribly confusing. I wished I had a translator chart to adapt from Blogger to WP and how to apply changes. I plan on doing a lot more reading (again), but I wanted to at least get my blog up somewhat organized and presentable first, the main body being blank doesn’t look to impressive.

    Sorry, here’s the Link. I’ve tried switching templates or themes, but only 4 out of 18 are showing up in my panel.
    I need to figure out how to get http://www.gazetotheright.com/?p=21 this article back into my main page. When I click on edit, I get a article deleted, when I click on the link in the left side bar, I get the article, but why doesn’t it show up with my URL?

    Well, my very first advice would be: forget everything you’ve learned while using blogger. I am serious about this – the more you try to find the “familiar” features the more you get stuck with a closed mind and not able to learn quickly the different way of working of WP.

    I am the one always advocating not to use Pages (with capital P) for category archives and other posts listing. There is a reason for it.

    However, create two (2) Pages – in Write > Write Page: let’s call one the “welcome” and the other the “blog”.
    Put your welcome/intro text into the first one.
    Leave the other one empty.

    Go admin > Options > Reading and select as “frontpage” the welcome thing and as “posts page” the other (empty) one.

    That should work as a start.

    P.S. Don’t make a separate category for every post – having as many categories as posts = equals to not having categories at all; making the category system useless…

    Go admin > Options > Reading and select as “frontpage” the welcome thing and as “posts page” the other (empty) one.

    I can’t find anything like this. When I go into Admin > Options > Reading > I only see options for # of posts, RSS feeds etc.
    Thanks for trying to help…

    Nevermind, somehow it didn’t publish. This time it did, and both pages are created.

    So you think I should eliminate many of my categories, assign the rest to certain posts and be very selective? Like one or two categories per article?

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