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  • Laughinglizard


    I have been thinking about this for some time and wish someone would have implemented this as a hack or it was a built-in feature. I would really like to be able to keep one (or more) posts on the top of my blog index. I continually have information which is important to me (I would like to advertise them, or something) and would like those to be “featured” or “sticky” until that information loses its flavor. If there is enough interest in this feature, I might try and put together a hack. I am thinking of just using a tag (such as <!–sticky–>) to designate sticky posts. The blogger would have to remove those tags from the post to expire the sticky-ness. This method should not mean too much in terms of code either. Another way to implement this would be through the database, but thats another story. Please leave your thoughts/comments on this. 🙂

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  • jackiefg


    That’s exactly what I was asking about in an earlier post I made but people seemed to think I was looking for some kinda tagboard or something.
    I would just like to put a post at the top to ask people to tell me where they’re from and they can comment – especially when they don’t feel like commenting on the blog of the day.
    Anyway to do this?

    That’d actually be cool. It would make features not disappear in the mess of daily entries.



    I agree with all your points, Craig, but this is something that is not just “we can build it” but, as in my case, it is extremely useful! WP, as it stands in my humble opinion, is one of the simplest, most lucid and friendly blog CMS communities in the blog world (and I understand the code inside and out, mostly! LOL) I believe that this is a feature which will be one of the “fun and useful improvements” or one of the “major features” of WordPress. The reason that I dont want to use a div or wrapper to put in this information is because I want this information to change like the rest of my blog (in due time) and I want it to be a part of the WP experience that I so adore and am willing to work hard at fixing, if that is the case. Why dont you rather use BlogRolling instead of the links inside of WP? Why dont you rather use the original CSS, instead of the work of art that you have created (and are continually working on, to make it better, faster) ? We all crave a unique identity, while staying within the confortable confines of WP and yet crave the acceptance (and laurels) of the community in general. This brings out the age old question that us “liberal arts” students have tried to answer over and over again, “Where do we belong? and do we care cuz we are the best anyways!” LOL
    OK, without being too weird about it, I think this is an improvement which people will use and will really appreciate! 🙂 No harm or offense intended!



    No harm or offense taken! I now understand better the concept behind your idea. I look to you and the developers and other very knowledgeable people to take up the WP torch and go with it! I also think that it is important that we have discussions like this. In this way, I get to learn more, and get a broader perspective on this great application, and you get my input and see where some of us newbies are coming from. I’m all for more functionality and more flexibility while staying true to the WP aim to be standards-compliant and accessible.
    If you weren’t so busy with school and other stuff, I’d be asking you to take me under your wing and teach me all about WP from the inside out!
    Thank you for your very constructive points, LL…I appreciate being able to discuss things with people, and I’m certainly happy to learn at every opportunity.
    So, when are you going to finish writing this hack? ROFL!



    I like this idea and would even find it usefull to myself….
    Once I get my site completely ported over to WP, I’d be more than happy to take a crack at this and share my results.
    I agree that an added field to the DB (a simple y/n) would be a better, ideal solution.



    OK, <!–sticky–> is evil. We’ve got to stop with the pseudo-comment things which alter the behavior of things. :-p
    Seriously, things like that make it a nightmare for people to switch to other systems, and also (I imagine) make upgrading/maintaining the code a nightmare, since you can never get rid of those weird hacks without ending up with random text in entries.
    Aaanyway. The way things are now, I think I like NuclearMoose’s original suggestion to create something like an ‘announcement’ category. Then modify the front page template to show only the most recent post (or posts) from that specific category at the top, followed by the normal list, excluding that category.
    Actually, as a side note, isn’t there already a way to do this by pulling a single post by number? And couldn’t we just add a setting somewhere like: PermapostNumber = 12 … and then just modify the front page to pull the “PermapostNumber” post and display it … wherever you want?
    (Personally, I’d just make a custom page, but that’s probably a web-geek response)

    I did a hack for b2 to make a post sticky, but it takes too much work.


    I liked the idea of, when support for multiple categories is in, using a ‘sticky’ category. That seems like a pretty good approach. Also, when just viewing blogs from that category, you’d get just that cat’s stickies… while on the home page, you’d get all stickies, sorted by cat sorting order or date or something…



    How about a fourth post status? e.g. Draft, Publish, Private, and Sticky. Then alter the sorting to look for sticky first, and date second.



    Ooooooooh that would be a great feature! Especially around the holidays. 🙂

    Has this been implimented yet?

    Did you try a search for “sticky”?

    Look for “Adhesive”, “Always on Top”, “Get-a-Post” and “Sticky”, among others…

    Here is a stick post plug in

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