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  • I have assigned sticky menu to the following class on my site .bottomRow and it works great across the board, here’s a link to the site:

    The problem I have is that if you click on ‘Resources’, ‘Factsheets’ or ‘News’ in the main menu it doesn’t work.

    These 3 sections work alongside a feed that is generated by a custom plugin by the company that provide the feed.

    The header retains the .bottomRow class but doesn’t apply the sticky element to it.

    Many thanks in advance for looking into this.

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  • Just thought I’d add this as I have spotted it. It brings up a .js error on the stickThis.js file on these select pages:

    TypeError: $(...).stickThis is not a function stickThis.js:10:3

    JS isn’t my strong point at all 🙁

    Plugin Author Mark Senff


    Looks like something tricky’s going on… I’m looking into it!

    Thanks Mark, appreciate your time.

    Anything I can do to help let me know 🙂

    Hi Mark, just wondering if you managed to take a look at the issue I was having?

    Thanks, much appreciated 🙂

    Plugin Author Mark Senff


    Owwww, so sorry! For some reason this totally slipped my mind. My apologies!

    I’m looking into it right now.

    Plugin Author Mark Senff


    Dang, this is a really tricky one. I don’t see directly what could be wrong here.

    Can you turn on the DEBUG mode in the plugin settings please? That way it will be a little easier for me to debug it.

    Also, can you try turning off that custom plugin that takes care of the feed temporarily, to see if that would solve the problem?


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    No problem Mark, appreciate the time to look at it.

    When I disable the plugin, the sticky menu does work, but I have no content on 80% of the site as it is a feed which generates the majority of the site.

    I’ve turned this plugin back on now as it is a live version of the site, and have also enabled debug mode on your plugin for you. Thanks again Mark.

    Plugin Author Mark Senff


    Still not found the solution, but haven’t forgotten about you. Hope to be able to find out more today.

    No problem, thanks Mark

    Plugin Author Mark Senff



    OK, so the short version: my plugin is not working on the News page, is because that page loads the jQuery library TWICE, in different versions.

    First, it’s loading the standard one (version 1.12.4), which is what happens on every page in your site — normal behavior.
    But then a little after that, it’s also loading a minified version of the library (version 1.11.0), in the middle of the page (not in the header, where jQuery should be loaded).
    So in the end, you end up with two jQuery libraries (which is never a good idea), that’s in this case keeping my plugin from working properly.

    I can’t say for sure which plugin loads the additional minified version, but I suspect it’s the custom plugin you mentioned earlier, so if that’s the case, it would be an error on their end.

    (Plugins shouldn’t need to load another jQuery library, since WordPress already takes care of that).

    All in all, there’s nothing I can do about that, but I hope this points you in the right direction.

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