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  • As a paid customer, I requested support Saturday night and I still didn’t get it. So I am coming here to this forum to see if I get lucky this time. I think this theme, as great as it looks, might have a flaw. It doesn’t work in most Android mobile devices (especially in 2 of my 4 androids, but it works in my iphone).

    In the link above, when I scroll down, I am supposed to see the logo (in this case the words “FERS”), but it doesn’t show up. The logo (and the whole top sticky menu) hides half the way through. I had this problem before. I tried to go to an earlier version, and it seems that when some titles are too long, I get this problem. In the same phones where the “sticky menu” doesn’t complete sticks when it goes down; however, it will go up (scroll up) the menu will show full.

    When the stick menu doesn’t shows, it will hid a little bit more than half its size. For instance, if the black sticky menu is 50 pixels high, it will show only about the bottom 20 pixels. I hope I am being clear…

    The thing is that I notice is that when the little search icon (in the top right side of the screen) doesn’t show up, it means the scrolling will not work. That is as far as I could find out.

    I hope I can get support this time in this public forum. Thanks,


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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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