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  1. wccesq
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Dear Mr. Jenkins,

    Thank you very much for your recent support resolving my problems beautifully. I managed to resolve the remaining 2 requests myself, i.e., hover color and solid color after selection of current page. Here is my web in progress for your reference.

    Now, I need 2 more recipes from you, if I may,: (i) Sticky Menu, and (ii) Scroll to Top toggle at the Page bottom on the right. These 2 features will perfect your webdesign.

    Both feature are essential for a reader, because the web pages are bound to grow longer as the day goes by.

    In addition, could you please reduce the title font size for your mobile edition, like Twenty-Fourteen, making it more readable for mobile devices? I prefer your mobile theme, again for its simplicity and elegance.

    I must commend your design is most elegant, rivaling, even surpassing, mainstream media publications.
    Many thanks, again,


  2. Edward R. Jenkins
    Theme Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi Ken,

    Adding a sticky menu to the top would be an overhaul that would require the creation of a child theme to edit the core files. NewsFrame is built on the Foundation framework which supports a top sticky-nav, so incorporating that wouldn't be a tough job for a competent developer.

    The scroll to the top feature - a plugin can probably take care of that for you. Here's one of many:


    It sounds like a good idea though, so I'll probably add it to the list of updates to NewsFrame (there's one coming in the next few days with some bug fixes/improvements).

  3. wccesq
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Dear Mr. Jenkins,

    Thank you very much for taking the time and efforts to address my concerns.

    I totally agree with you that a Scroll-to-Top feature will be sufficient to solve the problems. If NF is going to implement such feature, I will probably wait instead of jumping to a plug-in.

    I have set up a child theme for css and php to avoid potential conflicts with the parent updates.

    Also, may I remind that the title font for NF mobile edition should be reduced to, e.g., Twenty-Fourteen,making NF a much more well-rounded theme.

    Since my web is still under construction, I may encounter other issues in the near future. If you like, I may venture to share my under-construction web with you and see how we make your theme even better than many current mainstream media publications.

    I have every faith in your theme, as I have studied and compared with no less than 50 themes, before settling on your theme for my humble, emerging web.

    Fondly indebted,


  4. wccesq
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Dear Mr. Jenkins,

    Thank you very much for your wonderful support.

    And I apologize for my belated thanks,


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