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  1. mversion
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I have been using sticky image on my wifes blog and it is just great. now i want to create a daily melbourne pictures blog using the simplicity of sticky image.
    but i would also like to add exif data as well. can anyone help me out on achieving this?
    i think combining exifer with sticky image is what i am asking for.

    and just to be able to achieve everything i want to with my layout, i'll try to explain what i have in mind for the daily photo blog.

    basically, my blog will have one post on the main screen and it will be a picture for that day with the exif data on the bottom. i want to use lightbox for the enlarged version.

    Ideally what i also want to achieve is that when users move their mouse towards the left or right edge of the main photo, i want them to be able to browse the previous and next days. but when they click on the middle i want it to load up the big version.

    can this be done?

  2. mversion
    Posted 9 years ago #

    playing around, i have noticed when uploading a jpg file, the upload process is stripping the exif data when using sticky image. is there a work around to this?

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