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  • Hi,
    I have the base install of wp 1.5 and i am trying to get some posts to stay at the top.
    When i used this plugin with 1.2 i could see the new box “Sticky” when posting. However with the installation of 1.5 (standard) i just cant get this plug in to work.

    i have tried all versions on the authors site, inc 2.1 but its just not working 🙁

    Is there something i need to do?

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  • I want to know this too!

    And we are suppose to know the plugin your using?

    sorry XeroCool, i work in IT support and it winds me up when the 1st line teams dont provide the most basic details … and here’s me doing the same !!!

    The plug in is called Adhesive


    Adhesive works fine with 1.5 – make sure you have the latest release…. if you DO have the latest release, maybe check with the author? I didn’t have any trouble with it at all….

    I’ve just installed WordPress 1.5, works fine, and have downloaded Adhesive 1.5, gone into the Admin Panel for Plugins and activated it. Not working; so says the user. I noticed that the permissions were not the same as the other plugins installed (by default) so I changed it to match; still nothing. I’m sure Adhesive “works fine with 1.5” but does it matter which version of Adhesive? The download area at asymptomatic’s site only reference to version compatibility is with the beta version of 2.1 working only with (I assume) WordPress 1.5 alpha. Any suggestions?


    “make sure you have the latest release….”

    are you saying that it does not work with the official base 1.5?

    Does the author post on this site?

    how would i get the “latest” release?

    I didn’t do a thing special with adhesive to get it to work. My 1.5 install is vanilla, it’s the only one available until 1.5.1 comes out. The adhesive.php file I’m using is dated 12/21/2004, at 9:58 am. It was the only download on the site IIRC. I don’t know if the author wanders by here or not to post.

    You are checking the “sticky” box below the “write post” area, right? (I know that’s simplistic, but one does try to make sure all bases are covered….)

    the authors username here is ringmaster, and adhesive works fine on my 1.5 install….

    You are checking the “sticky” box below the “write post” area, right? (I know that’s simplistic, but one does try to make sure all bases are covered….)


    Ok Ok, so i installed an old version before and just like the picture on i was expecting to see “Sticky” next to “Publish” , “Private” etc….

    But the sticky checkbox is on its own and its at the bottom left of the page !!!!!!!

    Not tried it yet, but many thanks for your help

    Good. Glad you’ve sorted that part out okay!

    Is there another link to download it? I’m getting errors on the site.

    I’m using WP1.51, but I see the ‘Sticky’ check box only when I edit a post. The checkbox does not show up when I’m writing a new post.

    Something I’m finding with Adhesive 2.1 beta on WP …

    If the default mode for writing is set to “Simple controls”, then the sticky check box appears as it should on the advanced editing page. But if the default writing mode is “Advanced controls”, the check box does not appear anywhere.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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