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  • I’ve built a website for my web series ( I’m using a custom menu and building a “page” for my episodes by creating an archive and categorizing the episode posts with their season number. I’m trying to create a makeshift header for the page with my show’s font as an image in an Aside post that I’ve made sticky and categorized depending on which “page” it’s on.


    the problem is that when it’s displaying the season one category page (or any of them, for that matter) even though the post is sticky, it doesn’t stay at the top. When I put a new post up, I have to alter the publish date and time of the sticky post. That pretty much negates the whole point of making it sticky. I could just do that with a standard post and get the same effect. I was trying to avoid having to modify the sticky post every time I was posting a new episode.

    Any ideas? Do sticky posts simply not apply when viewing a category?

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