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  • We purchased Updraft Plus Premium, because as a software company ourselves we believe developers deserve to be paid for the work they do in putting out a quality product. We did not re-up the subscription after the first year because we did not need on-going support for the product.

    What we *don’t* believe in is creating nuisance-ware. What Updraft does not tell you when you purchase their plugin is that when your year-long license runs out, they will add a nagging nuisance message across the top of your WordPress dashboard that will stay into perpetuity that your support subscription has expired and you need to renew to remove the red warning message.

    When we tried to get support for removing this message, we could not open a ticket on their website because our subscription had expired. We had never required support during our subscription, and when we finally needed it, it was to remove their nuisance message, and we couldn’t get support for it.

    Now, you can “dismiss for two weeks” but the message will stay despite clicking the message away. And even if you do click, it returns in two weeks… for as long as you have the plugin installed.

    Note to Updraft: This is nuisance-ware. We paid over $100 for the plugin to run on multiple sites and you repay our patronage by offering us annoying nag messages on all of our websites.

    Thanks, but no thanks Updraft. We have been sharing this information with fellow webmasters in our local circles and are spreading the news about how Updraft does business. Whomever in your organization decided to include such permanent warning message banners when customers have PAID FOR YOUR PRODUCT should really re-examine what they are doing with their lives.

    We are un-installing your product and will never patronize Updraft again. And we’re sharing this information in the monthly WordPress workshops we attend, at which we are regular contributors and sponsors.

    Our advice to other users: Stick to the free version of Updraft where you can avoid permanent red warning messages on your dashboard forever. Why pay Updraft to be annoyed every time you log in, and then not be able to get support for it? Dumb business model.

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  • Plugin Author David Anderson



    Sorry to hear that. There’s nothing on the support form on that enforces having a purchase, and we have supplied support to people without purchases many times. There’s also a forum on the website that allows anyone who’s purchased, no matter how many years in the past, to post.

    If you are sure you want to run software that’s not updated and are comfortable about any issues that could potentially cause (e.g. you’re sure there will be no future compatibility issues or bug-fixes of any relevance to you), then you can permanently remove all reminders by removing the folder wp-content/plugins/updraftplus/udaddons (don’t confuse with addons) from your install.

    Best wishes,

    @davidanderson “There’s nothing on the support form on that enforces having a purchase”

    From your website’s support page:

    We have two forums: a WordPress forum for users of the free version and a customer support forum for paying customers.

    Still need help? Submit a customer support request
    The support form is for paying customers only. If you’re not a paying customer and want to submit a question, please purchase a support package.

    @davidanderson “If you are sure you want to run software that’s not updated and are comfortable about any issues that could potentially cause”

    This is what my beef is about. We shouldn’t have to pay ~$95 every year to stay up to date for software we’ve already paid for that’s otherwise free for everyone else to use. We merely needed to unlock the FTP add-on so we could back up to our own servers. We’ve done that, we’ve never needed to use your support, why should we pay that every year just to stay current?

    I appreciate that you guys developed good software, we paid you for use of said software, and for the patronage we now have permanent nuisance banners across all of our dashboards… or the threat of not getting updates?

    Again, please re-consider your business model. I ask what is the reward for anyone to re-up for Premium every year? If I understand you correctly my options are to pay another $95 or have nuisance banners or no updates. I hope you can see our position, from a user’s perspective this is not a rewarding experience.

    Thank you for the solution you’re offering right now, but if that removes the option to update the plugin that’s not a realistic solution.

    Plugin Author David Anderson


    Reading all you say, I can see that you are working from the belief that maintaining a free, compatible (with WP, plugins, external services) “core” of UD that would “just work” into the infinite future, should require only a trivial investment of effort, time or salaries.

    It isn’t close to being like that at all. In reality, the various parts of the plugin (such as the FTP extension you mention – BTW, I pushed some needed changes for that to our development repository yesterday; and just a few weeks back we were dealing with fixes due to (continuously) evolving encryption standards – see the changelogs) are tightly integrated. They undergo continuous development together. A free version exists only because enough people disagree with you that the necessary continuous development is worth funding.

    > We’ve done that, we’ve never needed to use your support

    You had support from one of our paid team members (there’s no other kind (volunteers welcome!)) 2 weeks ago: .

    P.S. You misunderstood the import of “enforces” in my previous reply. Plenty of people do send in support questions when they’re no longer customers. If they’re reasonable, we will consider answering them (and to my knowledge, have always answered the particular question “how do I remove all update notifications?”, as I did above).


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