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    LOVE IT!
    I needed it to use it with IMAGES, so I emailed Steve, and got a personal response!
    I have paraphrased his instructions, step by step, to make is easy.
    If you follow it, you will see how easy it is!

    Here is how to do it:
    From your Visual Editor Window:

    1- INSERT the image you want to add a shadow to (by clicking on the “Add Media” box.)
    2-After you add the image to your page, select the image, then check the “Add Box” item (located next to the “Add Media” box.
    3- in the next window that appears, select the style of shadow you like from the dropdown menu (Lifted (both), etc.)
    4- Where it says: “Enter your Content HERE” in the box, copy the url where your image is located, in html format, like this: <img src=”your url”/>
    Note: If you don’t know WHERE the url of your image is located, but you have uploaded it to your Media Library, open a NEW window – (Don’t close the first one!) and go to the DASHBOARD of your WordPress site. Scroll down to the MEDIA LIBRARY. Find that picture you need the shadow for there. Select it, and on the right in the box it will show the exact URL, where it says, “URL”.
    4- Copy that URL and leave that window open.
    5- Now go BACK to the other window and paste that url into the box that says: “Enter your Content HERE” – BUT DO IT in this html format:
    <img src=”your url”/>
    Do it like this ===> Replace the words “your url” (Including the quotation marks) with the actual url that you just copied from the Media Library page.
    Leave that window open, too, then:
    6 – Go back to the MEDIA LIBRARY window you have open showing your image. Look for the “Dimensions” of the image. NOTE the WIDTH of that image. You will need to Remember that number. Now:
    7- Go back to the other window and set the width of your SHADOW to around 20 pixels LARGER than the width of YOUR image. You can leave the height at AUTO.
    8- Click where it says, “REFRESH PREVIEW” and it will show you what the image will look like with the shadow added. If you DON’T like the way it looks, then change the selections/dimensions, and click REFRESH PREVIEW again, until it looks the way you like.
    9- When you are happy with it, CLICK where it says “INSERT BOX”. After you click that box, you will be back at your Visual Editing page, and see a bunch of code around your image. Don’t change it!
    10- Just click “UPDATE” on your page, and then ‘View Page”.
    Voila! It will look just like it did in the PREVIEW.
    AND YOU HAVE DONE IT, Thanks to Steven Henty’s Awesome plugin!

    Make sure to thank him and give him a 5 star rating! 🙂


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