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  • Hoping this is a suitable platform for this questions but I wanted to pick the brains of some of the brilliant people here.

    I’ve just recently taken a big step in my career and started my own small business with a partner doing IT work and some small design work, including simple WordPress sites. I have done a few WordPress sites for friends and small clients but I want to understand it better and understand how my workflow should be as a freelancer.

    My biggest question is how do you generally deal with clients regarding hosting and initial setup (if they don’t already have a site)? I’m currently doing a short course on WordPress Multi Site on and am wondering if that’s the solution I need?

    Do I charge each client a monthly fee for hosting? Do I charge for the initial setup?

    Obviously, this is all new to me. Wondering if there is a place where I can connect with other freelancers and figure this stuff out?!

    Thanks for reading…


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  • Hi cyrjm!

    Congratulations on wanting to take your job life into your own hands.

    About your question – I’d say that it really depends on who exactly your clients are, what they need and what you do for them. It also depends on your business model. Generally it is better to have contracts with your clients that guarantee you a steady flow of income every month.

    For instance you could take a one time fee for the initial setup and collect ongoing payments for hosting, administration, marketing or what else comes into your mind. Be creative and offer your clients a service that will be useful for them and that they will love.

    Good luck, enjoy the ride!

    Yeah, I relocated 2 years ago to be with my now wife and the job market was so horrible that we decided to take a leap of faith. As I said, the IT work will be the majority of my freelance work and I’m set on workflow and best practices.

    I really love design but I don’t want to be a hack. I’m also not sure how willing other developers and designers are to give direction to someone new to the game?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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