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  • Hi!
    I just founded a WordPress blog thinking it´s easy to manage..But when I tried to add photos to it, the problems begun.
    I wrote and downloaded a picture to the field below my writing.However, the picture won´t appear in the finished message page..
    Then I started to look for a plugin suitable for making a gallery or something, but I don´t understand anything about the instructions!
    I managed to download simpleFlickr as a zip-file to my computer,and extracted it to a file. After a long time I also managed to open a html-page of my plugins (not with /simpleFlickr, though). But I don´t understand how to extract to zip-file to this html-page etc.
    At WP-lessons for becinners-page they say “Plugins require downloading and uploading to install.
    You must be familiar with how to download and upload files and how to use FTP, if required.
    Plugins may require modifying WordPress files and templates.
    Familiarity with PHP, HTML, CSS, and CHMOD may be necessary. “
    Well, I am not familiar with these things.Can somebody give me step-by-step-instructions to install aplugin to my blog, or a link to where I can find them..with as common language as possible, I am lost with the computer terms! Thankyou..

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  • Well, I am not familiar with these things.

    Then you better start getting familiar with them – if you want to be a webmaster…

    rule of thumb #1: – never use slang abbreviations (AKA) when talking to non-English speakers 🙂

    And a reminder: those asking similar questions have no idea what a “FTP account” is…

    Ok, thanks for not helpig at all.I am not stupid, I just happened to be born in Finland and happened to have other things in my life to do (like learning English at school) than learning your jargon and webmastering skills.
    I am a normal internet-user who just looked for a site to found a blog and ended up to this, which advertised itself as a simple thing to manage for normal people..

    Thankyou for telling me if it´s not like that..
    Is managing a blog and downloading plugins there really a task that only professionals and advanced nerds can do??!
    I appreciate if someone can inform me, as this is not the first time I end up trying to do something I first think is easy but after hours realize that there are too many things to learn at a time.So,its nice if someone saves me from more trying in vain.

    However, I am eager to learn new things,and that´s why I kindly asked if someone can even pass me useful links as I already spent hours trying to find them myself.
    So, you don´t need to explain me anything, if you just can give me a hint where I can learn more. But it seems that the attitude of the people here is such that I better not ask anything..

    Sorry, I am not a native English speaker either… so that excuse doesn’t fly with me 🙂

    To install a WP (=wordpress) blog is relatively easy. It is “advertized” as the famous 5 minutes install.
    And it is true.

    But make no mistakes: customizing your blog, which means adding themes, plugins, messing with the code… is NOT easy. This is where some kind of basic knowledge of the web is required.
    To be able to download a zipped file and unzip it on your computer.
    To be able to work with a FTP client to transfer files from your computer to the server.
    To understand a basic instruction saying: edit your sidebar.php file and add this and that template tag.

    The online manual of WP, the Codex is a good place to start:
    but it’s all in English. Unfortunately, there is no Finnish support forum or documentation 🙁

    dear moshu,
    thankyou very much for your help and links. This is what I needed. Now I will just see if I will have nerves to learn and manage it or not with the advice behind those links..
    =) All the best for you.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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