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  • WordPress v 1.2.1
    The error is in upgrade-functions.php, function upgrade_110(). Just comment out the following lines; I guess they are not needed when you do a clean install (instead of upgrading):

    /* === comment this out
    // Convert passwords to MD5 and update table appropiately
    $query = 'DESCRIBE '.$tableusers.' user_pass';
    $res = $wpdb->get_results($query);
    if ($res[0]['Type'] != 'varchar(32)') {
    $wpdb->query('ALTER TABLE '.$tableusers.' MODIFY user_pass varchar(64) not null');
    // $query = 'SELECT ID, user_pass from '.$tableusers;
    $query = "SELECT ID, user_pass from '.$tableusers.'";
    foreach ($wpdb->get_results($query) as $row) {
    if (!preg_match('/^[A-Fa-f0-9]{32}$/', $row->user_pass)) {
    $wpdb->query('UPDATE '.$tableusers.' SET user_pass = MD5(\''.$row->user_pass.'\') WHERE ID = \''.$row->ID.'\'');

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  • The error ist in line
    if ($res[0]['Type'] != 'varchar(32)')
    I didn’t try to find out why.

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