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  • I was pointed in the direction of Jigoshop by my card provider service. Advertised as an all singing all dancing FREE e-commerce solution for WordPress i thought all my prayers had been answered when i saw that it took minutes to setup, had all the extensions you would need and most of all was free! Alas none of this was true, adding products is a long and drawn out process unless you purchase their added extensions, payment gateways and shipping options are extremely limited unless you buy their premium extensions. It’s now taken me nearly 3 months to get a site to a standard that i want to release to the general public and the issues i’ve had have been endless. Support wise some of the guys are great Jeff in particular is extremely helpful but some give wrong information leading to you wasting your time and effort on paid for extensions which turn out to be incorrect only to be told you need a different extension which costs even more! Poor form business wise by these guys, could do with a serious look at how they run things in my opinion.
    On a whole it does turn out to be a really good e-commerce solution but this does come at a price and is by no means FREE!
    Careful how you go with these guys

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  • I COULDN”T AGREE MORE. I purchased a premium template designed around this plugin,
    thought it was great upon first look,. Then for Shipping options and taxes, I had to buy plugins.

    First plugin I bought $70 for Premium Shipping, did not work! Jigoshops forums were worthless and I even had one of their forum guys call my concerns nonsense.
    Then I was told it was a template problem, which was total BS. I knew more about PHP than the ” customer support ” individual helping me.

    Finally JEFF comes on, Starts his feed by saying “Normally I am a nice guy. but don’t stand for nonsense “…WHAT? CUSTOMER SERVICE?..are you kidding me! and I was being nice, I even tried to help them.

    Then I after all else, I paid $40 for another plugin, that worked. $110 bucks.

    They want an outrageous amount for customer service that it standard for most businesses . If I ran my shop this way, I would be out of business.

    Not sure how its drawn out at all. Jigoshop has the same workflow as any other ecommerce solution. You click add product, then type in the details then hit publish.

    Jigoshop is free. I don’t know where you got the idea that extensions are also free. Like our competitors, our third party developers do charge, but at a price thats lower on average than our competitors.

    @designerzac You were told multiple times on the forum exactly what the issue was. Your TemplateMonster theme was overriding Jigoshop’s shipping functions, and they were not keeping their overrides up to date. On several occasions, we asked you to switch to 2011, 2010, 2012, or any theme besides the TM one, and you refused. Had you done so you would have also seen this as well.

    You’re forum post clearly demonstrated your complete lack of knowledge regarding PHP.

    Lets recap your ticket:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method jigoshop_countries::shipping_to_prefix() in /home/content/10/8590210/html/unisen_site/wp-content/themes/theme1896/jigoshop/shortcodes/cart.php on line 232

    This happens whether or not I have ” show shipping calculator in cart ” button checked or not, if i deactivate premium shipping, or show shipping the a summery with tax breakdown replaces this string

    So the first thing you notice, is you yourself even admit that whether or not Premium Shipping is on, that you have an issue. Therefore, automatically you can’t blame Premium Shipping. Now, as stated in the forum, if you look at the error, you’ll notice that its coming from a custom override of a core shortcode being done by your theme.

    What I am getting at in the previous post; is that, in the premium shop code, ( $70 by the way) there should be some type, of class, function, ( or array that holds both ) that I shout be able to write a patch into the error file in question that came in the theme.

    I assume you mean Premium Shipping first of all, and the shortcode that you’re referring to is a core one. It has nothing to do with Premium Shipping. Now as for that last sentence which shows a complete lack of PHP knowledge, well, I’ll just leave it at that.

    and I was being nice, I even tried to help them.

    No you didn’t. After 3 separate forum posts, where 2 core developers and a support member all told you that your issue was your theme, you refused to believe it. I can’t fault Jeff for getting angry at all. He also didn’t start with that, and you took his words way out of context in this post. Borderline libel in my opinion.

    And then you get to the part where you try to explain how the Add Flat Rates plugin fixed your issue. I think as the developer of that extension, I would know what my extension does and doesn’t do. It only fixed your error because after 30 responses you finally switched your theme.

    Then I was told it was a template problem, which was total BS.

    And ironically after several weeks TemplateMonster, who by the way I would not call a “premium theme company”, issued a patch to fix the issue.

    I’d also love to know what extension for taxes you bought? To my knowledge, Jigoshop doesn’t have one.

    They want an outrageous amount for customer service that it standard for most businesses . If I ran my shop this way, I would be out of business.

    Every WP ecommerce plugin charges roughly the same amount for Premium Support. But at the end of the day had you listened to us in the forums instead of arguing with us, your issue would have easily been solved.

    For anyone interested, the forum posts in question are here:
    Post #1:
    Post #2:

    How professional!! to repost a forum message, where I was seeking assistance and customer service; Just to try and insult me, and prove your godlike PHP knowledge.

    THANK YOU !!! for proving my point exactly!

    To anyone who reads this forum. I stand corrected; Jigoshop is the best shopping plugin in the universe, and their customer support people are so respectful and helpful. After you spend $140, they might even stalk you in a forum thats 1 month old, and try to prove what an idiot you are.

    If you want to know what all I purchased go on your own website and look it up.
    You seem smart enough to find it.

    Chris, You Sir, are Awesome!!

    I don’t have to be professional. I’m a volunteer.

    If theres anyone rude here by far it is you. Not only do you not follow Jigoshop’s rules but you also fail to follow’s rules.

    The reviews are for the plugin only. If you have an issue with an extension thats out of topic with the plugin review.

    Nevermind the fact you never had an issue.

    No ones proving they’re a god. I just proved, unlike you I can read a simple error message.

    Nor is it really staulking. This is our plugin’s reviews. We go through every month and respond to all reviews and support tickets on I presume every major plugin does this.

    I know what you purchased, as you spent several days tying up our volunteers for hours while you refused to listen to any of our support volunteers.

    I still find it amusing though that after being told exactly what the issue is, you refused to believe it.

    Jigoshop’s forums are public. They are indexed by Google, and are able to be seen by anyone.

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    If you have a problem, Chriscct7 would love to help you. Best guy ever.

    Jigoshop is free. And we have excellent support, for those who actually listen to it.

    Jigoshop is free if you want a very basic (and i mean basic as in the minimum they will provide) e-commerce solution. Most people fall accross Jigoshop as its advertised as being Free and people such as myself who are on a tight budget or who have clients who dont have money to spend would be looking for a completely free solution which Jigoshop is not but does try to come accross that way. Many people have noted the same complaints in various forums I’ve read so we’re not alone in this opinion!

    Even support for extensions is not completely free, only free for 14 days which i find rediculous – support on something you purchase be it a physical product or even a web extension, should be free for 12 months not just 14 days. A forum should not be the place you have to go to get help from people although this maybe the best place to go as I mentioned the support from Jeff in the forum was probably better than that given through the “premium” support.

    Some people may not be great with PHP buit they shouldnt be singled out and have this advertised on a forum!

    We each had our opinions and were entitled to leave our reviews for other people to read which we have done. A review is not there for someone to come back and rip us to bits about – defend your extension by all means but why not try and be a bit more professional in your approach? Something along the lines of:
    “We’re sorry your experience with Jigoshop has not been to your satisfaction so far but if you would like to try….etc” People appreciate a bit of common courtesy and will rightly be upset if something is not doing the job they were told it would do, it happens all the time. I work in the industry and get people shouting and complaining about things that turn out to be their fault or user error but I dont abuse them for it! You dont slate your customers in any business this is just plain insulting!

    Jigoshop’s core contains what the majority of the users of Jigoshop use. Most Jigoshop users do not need the features of a shipping extension, since either they do free shipping or flat rate shipping.

    Now as for support, I have to ask you how do you think the core developers should get compensated for their time. Most Jigoshop users, about 95-96% never user either the forums or Premium support. So what we’ve decided to do is instead of charging for Jigoshop we charge for Premium Support. No one has forced you to buy it.

    As for extension support time, that has nothing to do actually with Jigoshop. Third party developers are the ones who decide how much or little support there was.

    At the time, I posted, I just got a tad bit angry, not at you, but at the guy who followed up on your post, and lost it a bit for which I do apologize. In the case of the guy above, we responded with an exact solution for with problem within 15 minutes of posting it on the forums (his theme was overriding our shortcodes and causing a problem). Over the next 2 days, he posted twice more on the forums, tying up several support agents that could have been allocated to other tickets, while refusing to attempt the most basic of debugging (switching themes).

    That being said, we do take all of the oppinions we get into consideration when we make Jigoshop. One of the decisions about Jigoshop we made about a year ago was to not clutter up the program with features that 5 or 6% of the customers would use, but instead release those as extension.

    Keep in mind, Jigoshop gets paid a very small fraction of extension sales when you purchase, and the rest goes to the extension authors.

    Should some features be in core that are an extension? Absolutely. Are some of them going to be added into core over time? Probably. Its a very tricky issue, because since Jigoshop doesn’t own the extensions, essentially we’d be adding something to core thats going to directly take money away from someone with an established extension. We are working on solutions though.

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