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  • … Improve to Perfection!
    That’s my motto and this is my site.

    Did a little tweaking on the BLIX theme, will integrate Gallery 2 and Guestblock somewhere next week…
    Am thinking about switching the colourscheme, as this is still to obvious BLIX (all the kuddos to Sebastian though!).

    What you think?

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  • The semitransparent border doesn’t fit so well to the background … in my eyes. Otherwise, lovely design. 🙂

    Can you be more specific? and in what browser?

    Firefox. But don’t get me wrong, the layout is okay. 🙂

    From my point of view, the background has a little bit to much contrast compared to the smooth look of the main part. But thats only my gusto, so don’t take this to serious. 😉

    =) I see your point though…
    I will keep it in mind when I reshuffle the colourscheme.
    Thanx for the feedback!

    Okay, I am experiencing some trouble…
    It seems that in some version of IE, when clicking on a link to a php-page, one is not redirected, but one is asked to download the clicked link. Ow!
    Although I myself use IE only for checking, some others (I weep for them) might face non-navigationability…

    Help! Anybody???

    Found the reason… FORGOT to take final step in upgrade to 1.5…
    Man! Feel a bit stupid… =)

    It’s the most readable in Safari, but it looks fine in Mac IE 5.0 and Mac Firefox. Only two small details in Explorer (as usual–man, do I dislike that lame-o, spawn-of-the-devil browser) that you can fix if you care.

    The navigation bar in the header lost the centered text (they shift to the right and touch the divider bar) and the hover lights up only half of the navigation button whilst hovering.

    Explorer messes with my screen capture program on my Mac, so I couldn’t get a capture of the hover problem (see the link below). I was trying to show how it only hovers properly on the left side of each button, through the first two letters of each word.


    Windows with FF 1.01 @ 1280×1024 the site crawls when scrolling. Other than, the bg works suprisngly well, it’s a bit busy for me, but still it works

    Hmmm… I like that Guestblock thing – might make one for myself.

    It looks good.. but that PNG alpha transparency border makes my 1.2gig thinkpad choke and stutter-scroll. Not good.

    Ok, thank y’all for the elaborate feedback. @rosiembanks: Thanks for the screenshot, see what you mean…
    Will receive my Powerbook (so excited!) somewhere this week, will work on the cross-browser and cross-platform issues right away…
    Will post when updated…

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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