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  • I have pages with lots of custom fields and often need to update the content of those fields. If I change one and click Update, I’m taken back to the Manage Pages screen and a message tells me the change is saved and I’m given options to view or edit the page again.

    I want to stay on the page to edit all the other fields too! This is a huge workflow issue and massively slows things down.

    Please can it be made so that you remain on the current page when editing custom fields? It works this way when ADDING them and I think it makes more sense, and is more efficient to do the same when EDITING them.

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  • It’s even worse than I thought! If you add custom fields to a post that is not yet published, it goes straight into Drafts and you’re presented with a new Write screen for a new post — so you then have to go back to the Manage scree, select drafts, and edit the new post.

    Please can this be fixed so that any custom field activity remains on the same page until I click Save? It’s pretty unusable as it stands.

    Have you considered wrapping the fields up in a nice form chunk just below the post content, so you can edit all the fields at once and then submit it all at once?

    I’m using several custom fields (or metas) as a way to sore real estate listing data associated with a page, and I just created a form with more descriptive labels and even drop-downs, etc. and captured all the $_POST[] data and stashed it in custom fields.

    I think there’s even a plugin to manage that so you don’t have to code it.

    Thanks for the suggestion. That looks pretty nice and I’ll check it out.

    However, I still think the current functionality is flawed (why should updating a custom field send my post into Drafts?) so I’m hoping WP will fix the problem..

    gambit, i’m with you. there is some major workflow issues with custom fields.

    it also appears if a page “autosaves” before you publish it will create a draft and sometimes lose custom field data.

    you must ensure you publish before starting to insert custom fields. i’ve launched some rather large sites and farmed out data entry, and ran into some very frustrating times with this.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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