• I was hesitant to try this company/plugin in my wp site, as there were no reviews and only 200+ installations. However, they were named as partner in stripe site, and payform website looked decent. The configuration was easy (but so easy that i am actually suspicious of the product. they dont have many of the steps/details compared to others).

    In my free trial, I had 2 issues without solving which i couldnt go ahead with the product. I sent mails to the support email id. No response for 2 days. Then i scrambled and found out a contact us form in the site and sent couple of them. Only then i got a response saying that my mail went to their spam folder!! No option for test data, unless all other products which makes use of test data in stripe. Any testing must be done on live account.

    Again, i sent snapshots and explained my issue, the support person asked the url’s and my website address etc. I provided and I told them to fix it asap, as the trial is passing and i will lose time. It was nothing less than frustrating.

    With this email, the next reply i got was that they are ending my subscription. And they deleted my account. I cant login, no trace of whatsoever i configured/tested are just gone.
    Pasting the email from the support person. Unbelievable!!

    Hello Johns,

    We appreciate your contact. Noticing that you are unhappy with the solution and considering your trial is coming to an end, according to our TOS we have proceeded to cancel your subscription.

    Currently, we have over 2,000 satisfied customers, with whom we hold a friendly and respectful treatment and expect the other way around. For this reason, we hold a zero-harassment tolerance policy.

    Your subscription has been canceled as of today and your credit card information was fully removed and will not be billed.

    Kind regards,

    Customer Service Representative

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