• Ok, edited the review from the annoyed one to factual.
    Ebay: listings kept running out of sync, every time products get updated in bulk in woo, codisto didn’t pick up either price or stock or both. pictures didn’t get updated on ebay, so I ended up having to manually check every single listing to make sure it’s actually in sync and update main pictures manually.
    Amazon: after codisto messed up my catalog of products, I switched on the setting to only sync price and stock. That didn’t have any major difference, as codisto kept trying to sync categories, shipping settings, and even changed my amazon variations to be the main products, so I had to completely stop all sync and contact amazon support to fix my listings again.
    Closing account via WordPress plugin wasn’t working, but thanks to prompt support replies it is now closed. I did see codisto is working in “pull” mode rather than pushing the data out to the target systems. So all my data was synced to codisto servers on amazon cloud first, including orders and catalog, before being sync’ed to Ebay and Amazon. That’s a little worrying, though i’m not sure to what extent the data exposed by codisto is secure on the website as I deactivated plugin as soon as I realised that.

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    Hi Alex

    You have misrepresented Codisto as being a scam and incorrectly publically stated that our extension has exposed details to the public. This is completely untrue and it is advised to amend your public comments. No order data (or any other data) is ever made available to the public.

    We can address your site specific issues directly with you via support – they are environmental and linked to your individual set up which can be a factor on WP because of its open source nature. (If the plugin didn’t work, it wouldn’t be available for Magento/Shopify/BigCommerce/Ecwid and WooCommerce and we wouldn’t be supporting x,000 users all over the world.

    We do acknowledge that there was a temporary (innocent) bug that made accounts unable to be closed for a short period of time. We apologise for that and have rectified the problem so that accounts can be self-closed for inside the plugin like before. (Your account has now been successfully closed).


    Thanks for the reply. I did reach out to support numerous times for sync issues and all the support could offer is to manually trigger full sync. I did ask for access to forcing the sync myself, as i can’t wait on support to trigger the sync every time the catalog runs out of it, that sort of defeats the purpose of the sync, doesn’t it?

    Anyway, I’m glad there are people who did not or do not experience such issues or have use cases which are different than mine.
    And I suggest if you are aware of plugin deficiencies related to WordPress/WooCommerce being open source in nature, these should be published either as FAQ or known issues to avoid confusion.

    You know better than me how strict rules are on Amazon, for example. So the issues plugin may cause far outweigh potential benefits it might bring. If the plugin is configured to only sync stock and prices, that is exactly what plugin should be doing, nothing else. Just use Feeds and Inventory MWS API, nothing else in that case.

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