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    The Vantage theme worked until the 4.4 wordpress release,
    from that moment people started to complain about their websites being
    practically defaced, the culprit being the theme plus their proprietary plugin
    Page Builder. The owners reply to every one of them that “nobody else had this problem before” and they even erase threads reporting such problems.
    For their premium themes, the creators pretend beta testing from clients, and reporting a problem on their website is more time consuming and senseless than recreating a new website. Therefore, beside waking up with a broken website, you will have to face also the poor ethics and tech-mockery of the so-called support, with not much constructive outcome. Stay away from it, better go for a real theme!

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  • We’ve deployed the theme on eight sites and updating to WP 4.4 / 4.4.1 did not cause a problem at all. And when people say “my site is broken” without explaining specifically what is not working as anticipated it doesn’t help anyone involved.

    Hi John

    Thank you very much for confirming. Yeah, we do compatibility testing for major WordPress releases. In fact our last release (2.2.2) included a fix for a small WordPress 4.4 issue.

    According to compatibility votes here on, Page Builder is compatible with WordPress 4.4 and 4.4.1. If you combine the community compatibility votes for Page Builder 2.2.2 and WordPress 4.4/4.4.1, the results are as follows:

    Works: 13
    Doesn’t Work: 1

    With over 700,000 Page Builder users and a literally unlimited combination of host configurations, plugin combinations, WordPress versions, and Page Builder layouts, we do see edge cases from time to time. We work our hardest to try figure out what these edge cases are, and come up with appropriate fixes.

    We made an attempt to help this particular user on our forums –

    I understand why she was upset, having a scrambled website is the last thing anyone wants. Unfortunately we were unable to effectively communicate how these incompatibilities might come up and how we were going to go about helping her.

    We have refunded her and, based on her feedback via email and in another thread on our forums, she has chosen to switch to alternative products. I wish her all the best in the future.

    Based on our company policy on personal insults, we have chosen to no longer engage with this user.

    Wow, Greg, are we speaking about the thread you erased, and made it visible again only after I asked you about it and after you realized that the reviews are going further than your website?
    I wonder how many other such threads you have already erased!
    A lot of people are complaining about the problems the Vantage and especially Page Builder has since the 4.4 release. The only thing you are doing guys is replying to them that they “are the first and only ones” to face problems, using predefined macro answers that expose the fact that you don’t even read the details of their problems. After that, you start to brag about the perfection of your products and that everything is working fine to all the rest, and if the client still hasn’t left your website, then you start to pretend from the clients to do the beta testing for you. And eventually provide you access credentials on their own servers, if they are still not gone yet. If you are so correct and helpful, I wonder why are you able to beg your potential reviewing clients to accept to be contacted privately by you? Your coding focus was replaced lately with unethical attitudes towards your clients and public actions of alteration and soap-opera missinterpretation of their bug reporting content, instead of solving the issues. A look at your facebook page reveals even that during such a reporting, your website gets down at some point, that says it all 🙂
    Refunding the money fast without prompted to do so shows how prepared you are to provide in due time proper functionality from now on.
    The insulting affirmation is another lie. Your code reflects you and when someone reminds you this, it is not “political incorrect” attack, but a client opinion. Where are the insults?
    And you even took care to erase the initial default occurring “related searches” link from my thread, which reflected a lot of other incompatibility issues of your “products” with 4.4:

    @dnstrauma: If you are referring to threads/topics being deleted here, please be aware that Greg Priday cannot carry out such deletions. That option is only available to WPORG forum moderators.

    What SiteOrigin do on their own forum is entirely up to them and your complaints about any actions they may have taken on their own forums has no place here. Nor do any personal insults. Please refrain for posting further in this manner.

    esmi: I haven’t underestimated my potential readers here in such a manner so that I would need to mention or enhance that is about siteorigin website :))
    Ah, wait, erasing whole threads in there that are reporting problems with their products sounds ethical enough in here for you?
    esmi: where are the insults, please be kind and show me!
    This is a place for reviewing this theme and with all due respect, signaling great problems of misconduct of the creators in handling complaints about major bugs, isn’t relevant? Opensource per se, isn’t in the first place about shared truth and value over the network? Not about bending the truth and misinforming people!
    Again, I perceive a total incorrect attitude from your side, esmi, and I would like to know where are “my personal insults” in the above message. Thank you a priori.

    I am curious where all the reports of issues are you mention? A developer can’t erase posts from this forum. And if anyone has a negative review for a theme or plugin, this is going to to be the first place they come to place it obviously. For both the page builder plugin and this theme, there are literally only a handful of under 3 star reviews. And most of them are actually older. And again, if people had major issues with the support forum or posts being erased as you say, they would come back here and post a negative review. That’s not happening.

    I use the theme on 2 sites. I have never had an issue with support or the developers forum. In the tread posted, you immediately got hostile with them for following the same basic trouble shooting steps that every support forum for every premium themework I have ever used follows. They can’t read people’s minds, they need to establish a common procedure for every case.

    Torndownunits: if you would have read my posts-here instead of “marketing-trolling”, you would have seen all the issues reported (the issues that were not erased – as it happened to mine, at some point) referred on their website. When you reply something on a forum, it is supposed for the sake of good sense, that you had read the content you are replying to. Follow the link I put in there, if those are not “plenty of issues”, I don’t know what they are then 🙂
    Wait, how can you know the footsteps of troubleshooting I followed as long as you didn’t know where are the posts we are speaking about?
    My hostility refers to plugin/theme owners who bend the truth and the reporting of issues instead of fixing the bugs. And to customers who accept to be manipulated and mocked by them but who consider their damaging attitude – a wise standard to be imposed to the masses. First, find the definition of opensource, then of customer service, and reflect a bit on the mess referred by such a thread. You were not even able to read properly, before defending the attitude of the code owners.

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    This review topic has passed the point of being productive. To sum it up:

    1. dnstrauma left a review.
    2. Greg replied. IMHO it was a good reply too.
    3. Hilarity ensued.

    Further name calling and hostility isn’t warranted here. It never is here to be honest and that’s why I am closing this review.

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