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  • If you don’t pay subscription your plugin will STOP working and they will not provide you with a download link to use the plugin after the subscription expires. I bought this plugin first on Themeforest where they promised lifetime updates then moved to their website where they again promised lifetime use and updates… Now after 3 years you have to pay a subscription of 50$ / year for 300$ lifetime (this is something i would never take from previous experience). When trying to talk to support they are just saying “we send you emails about all this” and avoiding solving things out. I strongly recommend for you not to integrate their builder and look for other solutions on the market.

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  • Dear @st1fffy,

    Our initial response to you was removed because, in the bid to exonerate ourselves from your claims, we shared some sensitive data (i.e your name) that we shouldn’t have shared, we sincerely apologize for that. The WordPress team has intervened by removing the comments but that won’t derail us from speaking our truth.

    3 years ago, when we moved the sale of ALL our products from Envato to our own website, our pricing model changed. We introduced the options to either purchase the plugin as a yearly subscription or as a one-time purchase. In an attempt to be considerate and manage the change, we decided to grant all our users from Envato a 1-year license (AT ZERO COST) should they convert their Envato license to our own license.

    You converted your license to ours which means you used the plugin FOR FREE from January 28th 2019 to January 27th, 2020. Furthermore, you renewed your plugin’s license on January 28th 2020 by paying the yearly subscription fee of $45 (renewal price for Envato users at the time). We have proof to defend our claims.

    It seems you understood (and were completely okay) with our new pricing model with these 2 actions from you. I’ll re-iterate:

    1. The license conversion on 28th January 2019 (zero cost to you.)
    2. The subscription renewal on 28th January 2020 ($45)

    …so it seems you were comfortable with the changes we made, but somehow something happened along the way.

    These are screenshot’s from our product’s pricing page that further debases your claims.

    a. Product pricing.
    b. FAQ snippet.

    The reason that the plugin file becomes unavailable for download after a subscription expires is that the file would actually be useless even if it were there because the plugin wouldn’t work still. And we thought removing the plugin file from customers’ account could further nudge them to consider renewing their license.

    So we’re curious to know why you think anyone should “stay away” from us/our product, how we have been “fraudulent“, and exactly how you received “bad support” from us. Because we undoubtedly believe that your review here is baseless, and I’m afraid, is a rather weak attempt to tear down the work of a group of hard-working people just because you probably cannot afford to pay $49/year for a product that actually does what it promises!

    Best wishes,

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    Yeah, those guys really are unreal 😀 They shared my private info in the screenshot to prove that they are RIGHT and they clearly do not have any sense how GDPR works and cleary they don’t care for your privacy 🙂 To argue with me on public forum like this and sharing my private info should tell you a lot about them and why to STAY AWAY.

    When I bought the plugin free lifetime upgrades were promised and they break that promise so watch out as now the plugin is 49$ but maybe next year it will be 99$ but they will sure send you few emails about the change how they are sorry and this is something they need to do rather improve a plugin that still has a lot of problems and bugs (check other reviews here). Btw if you don’t pay subscription plugin stops working so if you don’t pay attention it can expire and the plugin will stop working until you pay again.

    Btw I also left a review on their official page and obv. it was removed too bad they cant remove negative review here.

    so anyway I’m done with this arguing with their support that clearly wants to show other people how right they are and that promises that they made do not mean anything if you send few emails.

    I would strongly recommend all people to avoid them and check another much better solution on the market that is called WP Configurator ( as it has a much better design, easier to use in the backend, and it’s much faster.

    Btw: Judging people what they can or cannot afford without knowing them is not nice and there is just another example of how egoistic you are 🙂


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