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  • The developer makes sure to mention that the app will change your sites look drastically, which is very kind. He/she also makes sure to mention that the app is still under construction and to bare with them while they work out the bugs. Also very thoughtful. What they fail to mention is that once the app is installed YOU CANNOT ACCESS YOUR DASHBOARD. You cannot make any changes or click on ANYTHING in your back end. You have to completely delete their files from your FTP if you ever want to see your back end again. What is even more absurd is that their website is in a completely different language. Finding their contact information is a task in itself. I would not touch this app until it is completely finished. I just wasted 1 hour of my day trying to delete the files and get my dashboard back. I would never write a review this bad to maliciously hurt someones reputation unless I was extremely disappointed with their product. I think the steam finally stopped coming out of my ears.

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