• Orange Ambition


    Sorry, I really tried to love this plugin, bought the pro version. Just not worth it, even as “affordable” as it is. Which is 30% more for me because I’m in Canada.

    Issues: (in Pro version bundled addons and some basic stuff in the free version)

    • the time tracker that supposedly integrates and syncs with Toggl doesn’t work
    • the automated invoice number generator doesn’t work — as in unless you use the default post id generated in WP as the invoice number, the customer cannot use the Pay button in their portal. It becomes non-functional if you use the customized generation of invoice numbers.
    • it lacks variety of invoice templates and there is no way to truly customize them outside of picking colours and adding a logo.
    • There are long times (days–like 5 and longer) waiting for support replies. Then the replies are just apologies, known bug, working on a fix but “excuses…”, then the ticket gets closed without any fix or followup.

    The principle is cool. I love the premise of having invoices made in WordPress environment. But this plugin lacks a true time tracker (this one includes a manual place where you can type in how much time you spent and some notes and log the time, but it doesn’t ACTUALLY track the time–like a start and stop watch as I would have expected.)

    The look and feel is as though it’s cobbled together with ACF. It does not work with the page builder that I tried styling it with (DIVI).

    I’d like invoicing to be a feel-good, happy experience,(because invoicing means you’re gonna get money, right?!?) and this plugin does not come close to achieving that.

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