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    When a product is sold via POS, and the product quantity is changed to “0”, the status of the product remains “In stock”, so it is necessary to change the status manually in “out of stock”.

    I think something has changed in WooCommerce 3, in the way it handles the status of the product.

    – WooCommerce POS 0.4.9
    – WooCommerce 3.0.7
    – WordPress 4.7.5

    Some days ago I noticed that also another plugin (WooCommerce Stock Manager) has the same incompatibility: the status of the product remains “In stock”, so it is necessary to change the status manually.

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  • Hi! Were you able to finde out what’s going on with this? I’m having this issue with a similar plugin and without so I was looking into this plugin but if this happens too it’s a problema!

    I have this problem also… At the time I’m using ActualityExtensions POS -plugin, and they just disapeared from Codecanyon. So I need to change to another plugin. Bacp, have you done a product import/export with the new woocommerce? I think that it is what messes the product stock.

    I’m doing a test run with this plugin this weekend, let’s see if I can get it to work.

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    ** sorry, removed original message because I was answering the wrong question

    I will look into the out-of-stock issue and release a fix in version 0.5 of WooCommerce POS.

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    @haldia yes I had an issue with that after using the import/export. All the “Manage stock” in variations were ticked off if there wasn’t any stock or something like that. However a similar issue also happened before with the Actualiy POS plugin and seems to work better once the plugin is deactivated. That plugin never worked correctly in all the time I had it. Now’s the time @kilbot to fill in the void of a pos solution for Woo! 🙂 I will try out your plugin soon but please solve this issue that the OP is having as it’s really problematic and seems to come from Woo 3

    @kilbot Perhaps the issue is related to this in Woo 3?

    “variation stock status should not use the new product_visibility taxonomy”

    @bacp …I’m starting to think this problem isn’t caused by either POS plugin. One to blame might be Woocommerce 3 import/export. I don’t have the time this weekend to test further, but I managed to do some tests:

    If I have product (simple or variable) that has been imported with stock values, once it sold, the stock (?stock) status is still 1 with the stock amount of 0. Does not matter where it is sold, POS or web.

    If I manually then go to woocommerce backend and change the stock value and save, everything works fine on both POS and Web.

    @kilbot FYI your plugin will be getting a lot of new users, since the Actually Extensions Point Of Sale plugin just vanished from Envato market. They have/had about 4000 active installs, including me, that will all be in the market for replacement.

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