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  • I have just downloaded and installed Stattraq over at my site (great plugin by the way, and the reports, wow! very very cool!), but I don’t understand the stats shown. Just after a day of data, there is a vast difference between what is showing up on Stattraq and what is shown on sitemeter. There is way more hits and unique users shown on Stattraq. I have learned to switch off or ignore some of the hits and users by using the options, but still the number of hits on Stattraq is at least twice as many as in Sitemeter.

    Another problem I can see is the disparity between the search terms found in Stattraq and the ones found in sitemeter. Almost 1 in 2 of the people who eventually happen on my site comes via some kind of search engine, yet Stattraq only list one so far.

    Also the search term that is listed by Stattraq is not even on Sitemeter. Why is this the case?

    I saw a topic in the stattraq faq about blocking your own ip, and I am going to try it, but I am wondering if anyone has successfully been able to block more than 1 ip’s (I wish to block my home and work ip’s).


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  • one more question, can it be made to ignore a range of ip addresses like sitemeter?

    For instance, rather than, for instance, ignore ( it ignores (112.11.111.#)?

    What is the syntax for doing this?

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